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See That Dot? Staring At It Will Make This Black and White Picture Turn Into Full Color





What happens when you stare at one color for a long time? Why do you see different colors after staring? Is that even possible? Is it a mind trick?

All of these questions will be answered shortly. Indeed Science is very interesting as it gives explanation on peculiar things around us.

In this video clip, we will discover the spectrum of Science about colors. We suggest that you carefully follow the instructions given in the video, for you to be able to see and experience it first hand.

Find out the magic behind this photo, why staring at the dot for a few seconds will make you see it in full color.

Find out the magic behind this photo, why staring the dot for a few seconds will make you see it in full color.

Source: Youtube

In the video below, you will be asked to stare the dot at the center of the screen while you watch the black and white picture of a castle. While staring and focusing on the dot for a long time, a page with colors will appear; yellow, blue and violet. Next, the black and white image (picture of a castle) will be flashed again and the final result is: you will be able to see the actual black and white photo in full color.

Watch Video Here and Try it:

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When we stare at a color for a long time and look at something black and white we are able to see colors that are opponents to the original colors in the image. For example, yellow’s opponent color is blue.

When you stared the dot on the screen for a long time; your eyes adapted all the different colors that were shown, that’s why when the actual black and white image was flashed on the screen for the second time; you were able to see it in full color because the cone cells was desensitized and it needs time to re adjust. Cone cells are a type of photo receptor cells in the retina of our eyes.

Basically, the neurons in the retina and thalamus are turned on and off by these colors and adapt them. It’s Science and definitely not a mind trick at all.

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