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Woman Allegedly Finds Dead Lizard in Her Starbucks Drink





A woman from Phoenix will be switching to tea after finding an “extra” ingredient in her Starbucks drink.

Kim Dillon claims she found a lifeless lizard in the sugar-free latte she ordered from Starbucks in Fry’s Marketplace at 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road.

Unfortunately, Kim had already taken a sip in her “lizard-latte” before realizing there was something odd about her drink. Kim and her husband Brian immediately went back to the store to show the staff their horrifying discovery.

In an interview, Brian told ABC 15:

“It was a lizard, a little lizard! That she drank. That went into her mouth.”

The staff of the world famous coffee shop immediately apologized for the disturbing incident and is currently conducting an investigation. The management of the Fry branch believes it is an isolated case since they had their store checked by a pest control company.

As for Kim and Brian, their unforgettable experience in Starbucks have encouraged them to switch to a much healthier drink.


Photo credit: ABC 15
You can watch the video report here:

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Brian jokingly said:

“Maybe we’ll be tea drinkers from now on.”

Source: ABC 15

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