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The Production of This Sorority Promotional Video Might Be More Expensive Than Your House





Apparently, the competition for sorority membership in US colleges is so cut-throat it’s justifiable to spend tons of money just for promotions.

Case in point – The University of Miami chapter of Delta Gamma Sorority.

The 2016 promotional video of the sorority, which features a lot of bikini-clad young women, yachts, and beaches, has already garnered more than a million views in youtube in just a span of days. And no, it’s not your typical mediocre video shot using a digital camera and edited by a person not-so-proficient in videography. No, it looks entirely professional. Of course, if it’s done by a professional, then it is also expected that it costs waaaay more than usual.

Produced by the media outfit Artec Media, the promotional video makes you feel like the sorority girls are starring in a pop star’s latest music video. And nope, it did not use any song you’ve already heard playing on the radio – they apparently used an original song by The Voice contestant Joselyn Rivera. Yes, it’s that flashy and awesome.

The video description enumerated high-end equipment such as the Panasonic GH4 on a Glidecam 2000, GoPro Hero 4, and Phantom 3 Professional used in shooting the video. A media company in New York has estimated the total cost – including equipment and locations used – at around USD 200,000. That’s a staggering huge amount for a promotional video.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

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