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The World’s Most Expensive Milkshake Is Served In Glass Filled With Crystals





Perhaps all of us, at some point, have been guilty of splurging on food. Sometimes we just can’t help but treat ourselves and pig out, just for fun. It’s even a way for some people to cope with stress!

Regardless, we say spending $100 on a glass of milkshake still sounds like a ridiculous idea, right? I mean who in their right mind would throw away cash for that!

Well that’s exactly what a restaurant in New York is currently offering their customers.

Serendepity 3, a New York-based restaurant, is home to the world’s most expensive milkshake.

According to reports, the restaurant started serving the LUXE Milkshake starting June 20, which is known in the United States as National Vanilla Milkshake Day. Because of its unbelievable price tag of $100, the milkshake earned a spot on the Guiness World Records.

So what exactly makes the LUXE different from the rest, you ask? Let’s take a closer look.

The most lavish milkshake ever is, of course, made using only the most special ingredients.

First off, the LUXE Milkshake is served in a customer glass filled with over 3,000 premium Swarovski crystals.

As for the ingredients, Serendipity 3’s creative chef Joe Calderone shares the dessert is made from Jersey milk, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Devonshire luxury clotted cream, Madagascar vanilla beans, whipped cream, Le Cremose Baldizzone (donkey caramel sauce), Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherries, and even a 23 karat edible gold.

Watch the video here to learn more about the LUXE:

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Food enthusiast and influencer Ben Setiawan was the first to purchase the LUXE.

Calderone said about the achievement:

“It is such a pleasure and such an honor to be awarded the Guinness World Records title for Most expensive milkshake. I am thrilled to add this accomplishment to our growing list of record-breaking food items. It was exciting to develop such a unique recipe and I hope our customers enjoy every drop of this creamy, rich milkshake.”

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