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Tourist Accidentally Breaks Jade Bracelet, Faints After Seeing $44,000 Price Tag

Wouldn’t blame her. I’d probably faint, too!


When you’re checking out expensive items at a store, it’s always best to handle them with care. You really wouldn’t want to break anything – especially if you don’t have enough money to pay for it.

Case in point, a female tourist in China recently made this mistake and therefore, “fainted in shock” after learning about the price of the jade bracelet she accidentally brake. The woman was “visiting a jade market in Ruili City, south western China’s Yunnan province,” reported the DailyMail.

According to the post, the said woman was trying the bracelet on when it slipped from her hand and so it dropped straight on the floor. The bracelet cracked into two as a result of the accident.

The incident was captured on camera as the woman has been photographed fainting after learning the bracelet’s price.

Source: via AsiaWire
The shop owner later said that the jade bracelet was worth 300,000 yuan ($44,110) which sent the tourist to a panic attack.

Source: via AsiaWire

Bystanders tried to calm her down but she just turned pale and lost consciousness. Family members had to lay the unnamed woman “on the ground” for a moment “in order to recover,” DailyMail further tells us.

Jade is considered a high value product in China and it symbolizes good health and a long life.

Source: via AsiaWire

Witnesses claim that the family attempted to offer the shop owner with 70,000 yuan but he disagreed, saying the amount was not even sufficient for them to break even. An independent expert said that the jade bracelet had an estimated value of at least 180,000 yuan and, left without a choice, the family agreed to pay the said amount.

For sure, this is one vacation that the family will not forget anytime soon. Also, she’d probably think twice about trying any accessory next time around.


Man Hit By A Bus Casually Gets Up And Enters A Bar

This man only has minor bruises after he was sent flying by a bus for a distance of about 20ft.

Is he made of steel or something? This man got hit by a bus, then miraculously gets up to dust himself off and walks to a nearby pub.

Simon Smith, 53, was walking on Gun Street in Reading last Sunday morning, when an out-of-control vehicle sent him flying for over a distance of 20ft. Seconds later, he is seen standing up and calmly walking on the entrance of Purple Turtle bar. The CCTV of the establishment recorded the whole accident.

Smith crossing Gun Street.

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This Japanese Man Has the Largest Hello Kitty Collection in the World!

You can’t be more obsessed than this dude.

Most of us have this one friend who is fascinated, if not obsessed with Hello Kitty. She’s probably the type who spends serious cash buying every Hello Kitty merchandise ever sold. She plans to go to Japan (where Hello Kitty originated) to hoard stuff. Her room is a shrine to Hello Kitty or if she’s REALLY obsessed, her entire home is homage to the most famous cat in the world.

Now this person has all the above qualities, except that this individual is MALE and actually lives in Japan, which gives him access to the best of the best Hello Kitty merchandise. He has amassed more than 5,000 Hello Kitty memorabilia which earned him a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of this variety.

Meet Masao Gunji, who lives in Yotsukaido in Chiba, Japan.

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Flat-Earther Confronts NASA Scientist at Starbucks and It Didn’t End Well

Watch what happens when a prominent flat-earther confronts a NASA scientist.

What happens when a prominent flat-earther bumps into a NASA scientist at a Starbucks shop? Well, you are about to find out in the video below because that’s exactly what happened just recently – and it was all caught on film.

In the bizarre footage, Nathan Thompson, founder of the Official Flat Earth and Globe Discussion page confronted a NASA scientist in the said coffee shop. Based on the video, the two had a nice chat earlier and the scientist even gave Nathan some stickers.

Nathan Thompson bumped into a NASA scientist in a Starbucks branch. He was given a free NASA sticker.

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