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How Easy it is To Make Someone’s Day Shown in This Powerful And Inspiring Video

This inspiring video about humanity is something to smile about today.


Despite every chaos and adversity happening around the world today it’s amazing how simple and random acts of kindness continue to transcend all these negative things. There are countless ways to show kindness and be reminded of the goodness of humanity. Meanwhile, YouTuber Josh Paler Lin shows us exactly that in a social experiment he performed himself. In a powerful and inspiring video, Lin gives us an overview of how easy it is to make someone’s day through simple acts of kindness.

A little good deed that can make a big difference in someone else’s life.

It also depicts the challenges that people go through everyday and a little something to give them back and cheer them up. Kind acts like giving food to the homeless, paying for whoever is behind you in the drive thru or for a stranger who is having a rough week (and the list goes on). It doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture but a deed done with the sincerest intention like paying it forward.

This inspiring video about humanity is something to smile about today.

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The little things that we often take for granted are the same
ones that make life happier and this world a better place to live in. The kindness that reflects from one being to another and affects us all like chain reaction.


5 Ways to Snap Out of Those Monday Blues

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Mondays are the most depressing times of the week. Particularly the Mondays that occur in January, just after the holiday season.

Its those times you have to struggle to wake up in the freezing cold to go to back to work, thinking about all those New Year's resolutions you are likely to break, and panicked at the thought of all those credit card bills arriving from last month's Christmas expenses.

All these things running through your head during the "Blue Mondays" of January are likely to get you depressed as not. Here are five ways you can counter those blues:

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Police Officer Breastfeeds An Abandoned Baby Who Was Left To Die in the Forest

This heroic cop has been getting a lot of love and support from netizens.

After finding an abandoned baby in the forest, this police officer rushed to save her from starvation.

This recently happened in La Marina, Colombia.

Luisa Fernanda Urrea, a police officer, has been considered by netizens across the world after saving the life of an abandoned newborn.

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Video Of 3-Year-Old Boy Refusing To Let Go Of Baby Brother Goes Viral! This Is So Sweet!

Such a sweet video of brotherly love!

Having a second child is always a challenge. Parents are not the only ones who have to adjust to the new baby, the older sibling too.

The first child is usually showered with love from the family, simply because he is the sole apple of the eye. He always have the best gifts and all the attention. The world is practically his and his only.

This is why parents should adequately brief their first-born when a second baby is about to come out. They have to explain thoroughly how the attention may be divided and that the younger child needs much more attention. It is not easy to understand as a child but for 3-year-old Waylon Matthews, the idea is completely, divinely clear.

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