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Getting High With Scorpions Is Apparently A Thing In Pakistan

The high would last for ten hours – the first six hours of which is described to be painful.






Most people fear scorpions due to their venomous nature, but in some parts of the world, these arachnids are eaten and even smoked. In China, scorpions are a popular delicacy cooked in different ways. But in some parts in the South Asian region, people are known to smoke them.

You may think it’s utterly bizarre, but it’s a thing in different parts of Pakistan. Apparently, the arachnid’s venom can make a person high, ultimately making them addicted to the substance.

You might wonder how someone can smoke this creature. Apparently, the dead critter will be dried out in the sun for hours; there’s also the direct way of burning it alive on coal until it dies. The smoker then lights the dead arachnid on fire and starts to inhale the smoke.


Source: Suburra

Most smokers who are already addicted to scorpion smoke will always go for the tail since it contains the venom. In this case, they would prefer crushing the dried tail and smoke it with tobacco and hashish.

What are the effects of smoking dried scorpions or its tail? Sociologist David MacDonald describes how scorpion smoking affects an individual in his 2007 book titled “Drugs in Afghanistan.” MacDonald talked to a friend who witnessed the effects stating that it was “instantaneous.” A smoker’s face will immediately turn red – much faster compared to an individual who smokes hashish.

The high from smoking scorpions would last 10 hours.

The person would also appear intoxicated, yet still very much alert and awake. However, if that individual stands up from his sitting position, he would stumble and trip. The author also described that the smoke had a “sweeter” taste compared to hashish, but is foul-smelling. It was also mentioned that a smoker’s high would typically last ten hours.

It’s frightening to even think that –as described – the first six hours or the adjustment phase is painful. Eventually, the pain decreases putting the person in a pleasurable state.

Smoking scorpions may be a cheap way to achieve a euphoric state, but just like in the case of illicit drugs, it has a lasting negative effect on the human brain and overall mental health.

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Did you know that there’s a pen that costs $595,000? And a chess set for $600,000? You will be amazed at the list of the most expensive yet utterly useless things in the world. Yes, they actually do exist.

Kat Lozada



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Sometimes though, there are things that may seem “cool” to have but are actually just a waste of money because when you really think about it, they are useless. There are a lot of rich people though who don’t mind the price tag, even when the things they buy shouldn’t really cost them as much as what they paid for.

There are a lot of expensive yet useless things in the market. And it would surprise you that there are still people who fall for them and buy them with just a flick of the finger. We would like to list down every single one of these expensive and impractical things, but we only have room for ten:

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Ice Cream With Unique Taste Requires You To Sign A Waiver To Eat It

Tasting this unique frozen treat is no joke!




What better and tastier way to cool off the summer heat than to have some ice cream? But what if the ice cream itself is hot and spicy?

It’s a unique combination of hot, spicy and cold but that’s what an ice cream shop, aptly named The Ice Cream Store, in Rehoboth, Delaware has achieved.

Such a unique flavor is available at the shop owned by Chip Hearn, and interestingly, a lot of customers are curious about his creation, the Ghost Pepper ice cream – and you might already have a pretty good idea what the main ingredient is.

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Can you see what’s on that twig?

Ann Moises



"This...this is what my nightmares are made of!” That's what one Reddit user wrote after seeing the photo of a Dolophones turrigera, a.k.a. “Wrap-around spider.”

The eight-legged creature, which is commonly found in grasslands, woodlands, and gardens, was seen in the Rotary Rainforest Reserve in Lismore, New South Wales.

And it is camouflaged to look like a twig!

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