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Pakistani Politician Accidentally Uses Cat Filter During FB Live


Hilarity ensued when a government official in Pakistan accidentally had the cat filter on during his live press conference on Facebook on Friday. Regional minister Shaukat Yousafzai addressed the public with his weekly live conference on the social media platform but has attracted a different kind of attention instead.

A volunteer for the team accidentally turned on the cat filter, making Youfsazai appear with rosy cheeks, whiskers and cat ears. Facebook users who were watching the live conference can’t help but make hilarious comments about the blunder.

And of course, the live conference must go on.

Unaware that his facial features have been turned into those of a digital feline’s, Youfsazai continued on with the conference. Live viewers who noticed the snafu turned to the comments section to alert the team behind the conference but the cat filter remained turned on for several minutes.

Later on, the cat filter also detected two other faces beside Youfsazai. The regional prime minister told AFP News that two of the officials beside him were “also hit by the cat filter.” He also said that it was a “mistake” and people should not take it “so seriously.”

The accidental cat filter was blamed on “human error,” particularly someone from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. The video, which was posted to the official Facebook page of PTI, was deleted just minutes after Youfsazai’s press conference.

PTI admitted to the mistake committed by a member of its social media team.

And as expected, the online community was quick to take a screenshot of the hilarious cat filter gaffe and share it on social media, where people threw whatever funny and clever comments they can think of.

PTI already said in its statement that it has taken “necessary actions” to avoid these mistakes in the future. But clearly, it’s too late for Mr. Youfsazai and the other officials who got “hit by the cat filter.”

While it may be considered a “mistake,” a lot of people actually thought it was a good thing that made some of them happy. One commenter even thought that the cat filter accident brought something positive to Pakistan, admiring how well the country has handled this human error


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