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How To Get Rid of Phone Scratches Using Household Items

Before bringing your device to a repair shop, here are some quick fixes to try!

Mark Andrew





Got scratches on your mobile device? While getting a screen replacement is always the most effective solution, it’s certainly not the cheapest. For example, you have to pay $29 at Apple or around $129 to $149 if your warranty is already expired.

So before bringing your phone to the repair shop, you may want to try these quick fixes for your phone scratches, both on the display and the casing. Read on and you just might thank us for saving you some money!

1. Toothpaste

Source: Pexels

First off, go to the bathroom and grab your toothpaste. Put a small amount on a cotton swab (or a soft cloth) and then rub it gently on the screen in circular motions. Afterwards, clean the screen using a slightly-dampened cloth.

2. Magic Eraser

Another option for you would be to use a magic eraser. Be warned, however, that these little thingies “work basically like wet sandpaper,” as described by Mashable, so you might want to be very careful. To be safe, just use it for small scratches around your device.

For more cleaning hacks using magic erasers, go check out one of our previous posts.

3. Baking Soda

Source: Pexels

To do this trick, mix two parts of baking soda with one part of water then stir it until it turns into thick paste. Use a soft cloth and, as with the toothpaste method, just rub it gently on the scratches in circular motions.

Alternatively, you can also use baby powder as a substitute for baking soda. Just make sure not to water damage your device when doing this method.

4. Vegetable Oil

A little drop of vegetable oil is often a good cure for small scratches.

5. Car Scratch Remover Creams

Source: YouTube

Yes, you may have not thought of it but those car scratch removal creams could be great for phone scratches as well. Just put a small amount on a clean cloth and gently wipe it on your screen in a swirling pattern.

As mentioned earlier, exercise caution when doing any of these techniques so as not to cause more damage than good on your mobile device.

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Nobelle Borines



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TCM is certainly becoming more popular in the Western world. In 2016, fans were shocked when Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps won a gold medal at the Rio Games while sporting bizarre circular bruises. The dots were a result of cupping, an ancient technique that promotes blood circulation and eases muscle pains. Needless to say, cupping is now becoming a popular method for Westerners. Here are eight unusual Chinese medications that actually work.

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Mark Andrew



While it may sound like a terrible idea for an April Fools prank, the truth of the matter is, yes, this is really happening. Dunkin’ Donuts has indeed announced that they are planning to get rid of ‘Donuts’ from their name – and they’re seriously going for it pretty soon.

Established in 1950 by William Rosenberg and now with over 12,000 stores in 36 countries, Dunkin’ Donuts has surely established its brand as one of the icons in the restaurant industry. Starting January 2019, however, the company will officially launch a name change that will affect its advertising, packaging, and social media pages.

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