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Botched Tattoo Job Leaves Woman With Slug-Like Eyebrows





Be careful when going for a permanent change on your body like getting tattoos or cosmetic surgery. Professional work that produces great results doesn’t come cheap. Otherwise, you’ll be left with something horrible that you would need to live with for the rest of your life.

Case in point is a woman who was left with slug-like eyebrows after getting an eyebrow tattoo done by an inexperienced artist. Kanyarat Chaichan, 26, of Thailand was devastated by the unsightly 1cm-wide eyebrow she got and could no longer have fixed because she can’t afford them.

This was how Kanyarat looked before getting eyebrow tattoos.

And this is what she ended up with.

Her permanent brows are much larger than her natural brows.

When she thought that all hope is gone, a kind-hearted beauty therapist saw Kanyarat’s problem and gave her a free corrective treatment worth 50,000 baht (about $1600). She traveled to Surat Thani, Thailand on March 21 to have her brows fixed.

Kanyarat needs to wait for six months to see results of the corrective treatment.

Her slug-like eyebrows should be gone soon.

Kanyarat thought she’d be stuck with those hideous brows, but she was still lucky someone was willing to help her out.

“I thought I would be stuck with the big eyebrows for the rest of my life. Now I’m just being patient and waiting for them to get better.”

Kanyarat received the corrective treatment from tattoo artist Vilailak Nan Sundantom.

Vilailak’s process involved microblading and laser removal. Kanyarat’s savior reminded people that anyone who wants to go for an eyebrow tattoo should give it a long, hard thought because after all, the results will be permanent.

“There are many places to study to learn how to do tattoo eyebrows. It’s not something that people should play around with. I could really sympathize with Kanyarat because nobody wants to have eyebrows like that for the rest of their lives.”

We’ll still have to wait six months to see the results of the corrective treatment.

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