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Beware Of This New Method By Thieves That Preys On Drivers At Gas Stations





Have you ever been victimized by thieves? If so, then you would agree when we say that they are one of the fastest-moving people ever. One second, your purse is with you, and the next, it is gone. This is why it is so important to look after your belongings every single time.

Even if you are inside the car and just waiting for a refill at a gas station, your valuables may still be stolen. How in the earth, you may ask.

Well, a group of thieves called “sliders” parks beside the car of their victim, wait for that customer to open the locks on the car’s door and be distracted by the gas pump. Once the customer is all eyes on the pump, one of the thieves will go down their car, quickly open the other side of the victim’s door and grab her purse in one go. Before the customer knows it, her bag is already gone.


Police officers describe this type of modus as a “crime of opportunity.” They then encourage everyone to never leave their belongings unattended.

“We want our residents to be aware that this trend is out there and to make themselves a harder target for those types of thieves,” said Brian Unmisig, of the Pinellas Park Police Department.

Watch the video report here:

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Lock your car door always, roll up windows when at the gas station and hold on to your wallet or bag while waiting for your gas fill.

Let your family and friends know about this modus and keep them safe too!

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