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Sleeping With Your Dog In Bed Brings Health Benefits, Research Says

Owning dogs can give you much more benefits than offering security. Sleeping with them can in fact provide a couple of health benefits.

Why do you think dogs were labeled as man’s best friends? Because they make a great pet? Because they are smart and learn a couple of tricks fast? Or is it because they are compassionate and strong-willed and can act as heroes, saving their owners from danger?

Dogs are talented animals. They can be easily trained to play roles that are important in different industries today, most especially in the maintenance of general safety by sniffing out bombs and drugs, with others taught to find missing people.

But these aren’t everything that dogs can do for humans. A recent research confirms sharing your bed with your dog can actually bring some surprising health benefits. The study revolved around 150 dog owners from the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. About 41 percent of the participants were found to enjoy better sleep and feel more secured with their pups sleeping by their side. There are more things to enjoy from these, though, as sleeping with dogs is apparently good for your mental and emotional health.

#1. Owners feels safer with their fur friends beside their beds

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It is not a surprise to feel safer with dogs around guarding your home. Our four-legged friends are known for driving trespassers away. Having them stay closer to us at night was found out to give a higher feeling of security, hence some owners let them stay in their bedrooms. The study claims the reason for this is mainly because dogs are capable of physically protecting their owners and also because they provide another body to cuddle up, hence offering closer companionship.

#2. Dog owners will have lower stress levels.

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Most people who let their dogs sleep with them report feeling less stressed compared to non-dog-owners. The study claim that being near your dog can make you feel relaxed throughout the day.

#3. Dog owners feel warmer at night.

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You no longer have to catch a cold from sleeping alone on a freezing night. We all know that the body offers the warmest kind of heat so if you have no one to cuddle with, you can simply let your dog hop on the bed for an extra source of warmth. Not only will you feel warmer, but you also don’t have to feel blue for sleeping alone since you’re single.

#4. Sleeping with dogs can reduce your risk of feeling depressed.

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Like everyone else noticed, dogs can be so close to their owners as if they’re the most important beings to them. They certainly offer unconditional love and support to their humans — sometimes even greater than our human partners or friends can offer.

This brings a happy feeling to dog owners, hence reducing the risk for depression. Also, if you feel lonely, you can just let your dog sleep with you and you’ll be able start off your day on the right foot.

#5. Dog owners get an unimaginable level of comfort.

The security and warmth you get and the elimination of all those depressing feelings will leave you feeling physically comfortable and emotionally and mentally comforted. So before closing those eyes, make sure to invite your furry friend, and feel like a loved one’s right there beside you.

#6. Sleeping with your pet will let you have better sleep.

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Taking all the bad feelings away all leads to having a better sleep. The study showed that people who share their beds with their pets can have a better sleep. So if you are dealing with insomnia, ask your tail-waggler to sleep with you and enjoy the effects of these alternative sleeping pills.

#7. Happier dogs lead to happier owners.

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How can you enjoy all the aforementioned benefits if your dog himself is not happy at all? Your pets do benefit from sleeping with you too. They love no one else better than their owners. So allowing them to stay close to their humans make them feel appreciated and can boost their confidence and energy in making their handlers feel much better.

So if you feel down, there’s no more need to go on a trip to the psych to get expensive medications. There’s no more need to hire a security to guard your home. There’s no more need to buy a boyfriend to cuddle with at night. Sleeping with your dog can be the answer to all these.

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