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Sky Diving Goes Wrong When an 80 year Old Woman Tries it for the First Time

This was a terrifying experience for an old woman who slipped out from her safety harness and almost fell down the earth.


Skydiving is challenging yet fun outdoor activity. Tandem Skydiving, on other other hand, is when two people jump together where in the instructor wears a parachute and a student wears a safety harness to connect to the instructor.

First time skydivers usually do tandem skydiving so they will be guided and trained the proper way to exit the aircraft, do free fall maneuvers and canopy deployment.

Many people add skydiving in their bucket list as one special goal like an old woman named Laverne.

Laverne, 80 years old tried sky diving when she slipped out of her safety harness and became a terrifying experience for her and her instructor.

Laverne, 80 years old tried sky diving when she slipped out of her safety harness and became a terrifying experience for her and her instructor.

Source: Youtube

She has been dreaming to do this for ten years but decided to finally give it a try and face her fears. In the video, she seems very excited at first but when she and her instructor is about to jump from the aircraft; Laverne hesitated and was holding tightly to the aircraft.

Her hesitation and struggle are the reasons why they didn’t had a smooth jump. A British parachute expert said that the problem started because they left the aircraft in a wrong position.

Unfortunately, after they have jumped from the small plane, she slipped out of her safety harness and almost falls down. They safely landed on the ground because her instructor was able to hold on her tightly while pulling her up, but it’s a very terrifying experience for the both of them.

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Perhaps this skydiving experience for Laverne will be extra memorable since she’s able to cross out sky diving from her bucket list and at the same time a horrifying experience as she almost fell down the earth.

Lesson learned, next time we have to have presence of mind and follow instructions carefully to avoid accidents.

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Young Boy Drowns After Friends Pressured Him to Jump in a River

They urged him to jump into the water. But when he was drowning, no one even tried to save him.

A 12-year-old boy from the Philippines named Jhayron Malayao died due to drowning. The tragic incident occurred shortly after his friends persuaded him to jump into the deep waters of Pasig River on Thursday, February 18th, at around five in the afternoon.

In the video posted by Bartome Hadikain on Facebook, Malayao can be seen standing on the edge of Jones Bridge with four of his friends. The voice behind the camera was urging them to jump---head first---into the water. Then, another boy spoke, encouraging the group to race.

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Infant Gets Hospitalized After Vitamin D Overdose

She was worried about her health but she didn’t know that it was her who inadvertently did that to her baby.

Becky Jackson became worried when she noticed that Elizabeth was not growing as fast as her twin brother, Joe. The mom from Omaha, Nebraska had been comparing both of them. At one point she thought that, maybe, Joe was just going to be bigger than his sister.

However, when she looked back at some photos, she began to feel more concerned about her daughter. Elizabeth’s eyes were sunken, and she had an odd skin color. The then 6-month-old child was also losing weight and was lethargic. So, she took Elizabeth to a pediatrician.

She learned that her baby was on the verge of malnourishment.

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China Is Relocating 9,000 Residents To Build World’s Largest Telescope And Look For Aliens

I know that sounds like a plot for a sci-fi movie but yes, this is happening in China right now.

How would you feel if the government required you to leave your home so they can look for extraterrestrial beings?

I’m sure that will sound like a strange plot to a sci-fi flick but actually, that’s really what’s happening in China right now.

As confirmed by several reports, the country is requiring over 9,000 Guizhou Province residents to move so a giant telescope can be built in their place. The main goal of the telescope, as stated above, is to find alien life-forms from other planets.

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