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70 Silly Photos That Will Kinda Boggle Your Mind



They say a picture paints a thousand words. But, apparently, it does not apply to all images out there. Some of them simply do not need any caption, such as these photos collected from a subreddit called “hmm.” All sorts of weird and baffling images can be seen here.

It really is true that a picture with no caption or description can sometimes raise more questions than provide answers. They simply leave you asking for an explanation. While they are not complicated by any means, they are still capable of making you think twice. And, above all, they leave you without anything to say but “hmm.”

Scroll down below and let us know which one is your favorite.


Source: CosmicKeys

Source: ItchyWombat

Source: kylimesoda

Source: day3110


Source: CosmicKeys

Source: melotjk

Source: FortPhoenix

Source: noneEggs

Source: 3pGuy





Source: andlaughlast

Source: fine_shrine

Source: Aameba


Source: SadCrab_

Source: MrMariomans

Source: Rvmntrx

Source: CosmicKeys

Source: SippyNips

Source: edd010

Source: ChadDoes

Source: Lolishit



Source: Saturnix

Source: Zaqudon

Source: bearlover16



Source: Sucks_

Source: necromini

Source: scents22


Source: zeexik

Source: freshness97

Source: farmtree

Source: daddywang

Source: DiChatz0707

Source: Lolishit

Source: Phedericus

Source: prest0n

Source: Day3110

Source: notevenlad

Source: bob1689321

Source: XMThes

Source: LaexTheCat

Source: taydripper

Source: KeolXPr0n


Source: GallowBoob

Source: MrKuroko





Source: ropean


Source: meunderwears

Source: Hmsl



Source: FourEyedJack


Source: Si1eNce1

Source: Soawsm1

Source: tsume24

Just like we said, some images are better off without any caption. Well, if these photos do not make you giggle – or even irk a bit – surely nothing else will. You can check out more of these “hmm” photos on this subreddit.


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