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11 Obvious Signs That Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You




#7. Secrets and More Secrets.


You’ve gotten used to her telling you every minute detail about her day—where she went, with whom, what she ate—even though you’re not a bit interested to hear about them.

But the moment she stops keeping you on the loop about her whereabouts and refuses to tell you what she had been up to, then she’s hiding something from you.

#6. The Beautiful Swan.


Photo credit: The Daily Beast

Not that she’s an ugly duckling, but you’ll notice some major transformations in her appearance every time she goes out WITHOUT you.

#5. The Phone.


Photo credit: lovedovetarot

This is probably the most obvious sign that may suggest that she’s cheating on you.

You’ll notice that she never leaves her phone out. It’ll always be inside her purse or pocket away from your reach. When it rings, you’d see her secretly and hurriedly answer the call or text message with a naughty smile on her face. She gets mad or defensive whenever you borrow her phone. Watch out for those late night secret phone calls guys.

#4. "No comment"

Photo credit: The Examiner

Is she suddenly so edgy? Does she act like she’s having PMS whenever you ask her simple questions? A woman who’s doing something behind your back usually feels guilty. Of course, there are those who can look you straight in the eyes and still lie.

But a woman who’s not comfortable telling lies would avoid your inquiries or stutter if you’re asking the right questions.

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