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5 Signs That You’re Underpaid And How To Deal With It





We all have our reasons for sticking with a day job, but the most common inspiration is having a steady paycheck. Unfortunately, most people still feel like they are being grossly underpaid despite all their hard work. So is it possible that you are not being paid what you are truly worth? There are signs that could tell you whether you are not earning the right salary.

It isn’t easy to admit to yourself that you are underpaid in the profession you have chosen. Nevertheless, people still find that they should be getting a bigger paycheck. Here are seven signs that your company has been paying you less than what you’re worth as well as the best way to deal with the problem.

You feel like you are not being paid enough despite the amount of work you do

There is little doubt that some workloads can be overwhelming. However, you can get an idea on whether your paycheck is enough when you realize your colleagues are getting paid more. There is a tendency to feel underappreciated when you are doing too much work but not earning enough. This could get even more frustrating if your workload increased although your pay has not.

Your company is making big bucks, but not you

A thriving company should have happy employees with growing salaries. However, if your paycheck hasn’t budged despite doing the same job for a long time, there could be a problem. Interestingly, speaking to your boss about getting a raise could also be another sign that you are still underpaid.

Your boss has no problem giving you the raise you asked for

An employer who is happy to give you a bigger paycheck should be a good thing but it could also mean that the company hasn’t been paying you what you are truly worth. Experts reveal that employers “may appease you with a small increase if you’re performing well at a lower rate.”

You are seeing job listings that offer higher salaries for your position

If competitors are offering a bigger paycheck for what is essentially your job, this could be a red flag. You can always look up job listings for the same position in order to compare their offer with your current salary.

Recruiters have started contacting you

This could only mean two things: You are so good at your job that competitors want to hire you and you are one of their prime candidates for recruitment because you are somehow underpaid. Either way it might be time to consider your options in getting better compensation.

So what can you do about being underpaid?

It is time to decide on your next move. It is best to consider everything before doing something drastic like leaving your job immediately. If you still enjoy your work, try to speak to your employer about getting a raise. You can present your boss with your accomplishments and even let them know that you are getting offers from other companies. Hopefully, they will see it your way and give you the salary you truly deserve.

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