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Scary Encounters With ‘Zombie-Like’ Animals On The Rise in the US

Is the zombie apocalypse happening soon?


While there is no denying that apocalyptic zombie-themed TV shows and movies are popular nowadays, some people have come to assume that zombies may not be fictional after all. With several reported instances wherein animals have been spotted behaving as if they were dead creatures walking, is the zombie apocalypse at hand?

Several people from across America have reported encountering what is now dubbed as “animal zombies.” According to these eyewitnesses, the animals, such as coyotes, foxes, and others, appeared ragged and as if they had emerged from their graves, pretty much the same with how the human zombies featured on TV and in the movies look like.

Eyewitnesses across the U.S. have reported seeing animals behaving as if they were zombies.

“The thing looked possessed. He was hissing and showing his teeth. Rather than being scared of me, it looked like he was provoking a fight,” said Joe Evans of Ohio as he recalled his spine-tingling encounter with a horrendous-looking raccoon in his backyard.

Apart from drooling, the said animals are said to have displayed frightening aggressiveness.

Photographer Robert Coggeshall, also from Ohio, had a frightening experience with a raccoon as well. Not only did he come face-to-face with the “animal zombie”; it chased him and his beagles, too!

“He would be on his hind legs and just fall over backwards in a zombie trance,” Coggeshall said.

On the other hand, a 5-year old girl in Westchester County was attacked by a rabid coyote that came through an open gate from an open field. According to the victim, Natalia, the animal was running fast as if it were a cheetah until it finally sank its teeth into her arm.

“I didn’t scream, I didn’t panic…It hurts a little bit, but I am feeling better,” she said in an interview.

An off-duty police officer who came to the rescue of Natalia was also bitten by the coyote after grabbing it by the neck. When help came, the animal was finally shot and killed.

Both Natalia and the police officer have been treated for rabies exposure.

Are these strange-acting animals a precursor of the zombie apocalypse?

Are the animals really zombies? Have they been infected with the virus that turns humans into walking dead, just like in the movies? If Tara Smith, a professor of epidemiology at Kent State University in Ohio, is to be believed, the answer is no. Rather, the animal expert believes that the animals have been infected with either rabies or distemper. Hence, she cautioned the public to never come close to animals if they appear to have rabies infection.

“Rabies is 100 percent fatal in humans if it is not treated before symptoms appear. They are drooling. They seem like they can’t control their bodily movements. It is difficult to watch,” Smith said.

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Cruel Tourist Steals Dying Dolphin From The Beach And Casually Walks Away With It

Police are now on the hunt for this man.

Chinese authorities are now on the hunt for a man who took a dying dolphin from the beach, threw it over his back, put it in his car and drove off. The tourist in his swimwear was filmed casually walking away from the beach with the innocent creature hanging over his shoulder.

Witnesses say that the man found the beached sea animal but didn't help it get back into the water, according to marine patrol. Instead, the man picked the dolphin up and carried it away from the waters.

Beachgoers were shocked to see the tourist toss the poor dolphin over his shoulder.

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Now drivers are being reminded to slow down when passing through wooded areas or national forests.

Two bear cubs are now in custody of the Wildlife Center of Virginia, thanks to a Virginia State Trooper who rescued them after their mother had been hit and killed by a car on a highway. Following this incident, drivers are reminded to drive more safely because it is common for bears to cross major roads in the months of April and May as they come out from hibernation.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia has recently announced that it has taken four bear cubs into their custody so far this year. Of the four that are currently receiving treatment, two females were separated from their mother while the other two, a male and a female, were found by a trooper as they were left alone when their mother was hit by a car and died on a Franklin County highway.

Two of the bear cubs in custody of the West Virginia Wildlife Center were orphaned after their mother was killed by a car on a highway.

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He found salvation and hope; She saw cheerful perfection in his flaws.

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