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This Is What Hydrophobia Looks Like In A Rabies Infected Person

Hydrophobia is a terrible condition. Watch how disturbing it can be for a person experiencing this condition after rabies infection.


Rabies is a viral disease that can be acquired through saliva of an infected host to another. This is commonly transferred from domestic animal bite. The saliva carries the virus and then injected in the body through bites or ingestion. In other words, an infected man without symptoms can transfer the virus through kissing.

The rabies virus attacks the brain which can cause a lot of changes in the behavior and motor function of the body.

Watch Important Facts: Rabies Signs in Animals, Symptoms and Effects of Rabies in Humans:

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One who is infected may act strangely or even go insane. There are cases when an infected person, out of insanity bit another person and that person got infected as well.

Some of the early symptoms are flu like, discomfort and headache. It is also important to check the bite mark or site for redness and swelling as it may indicate possible rabies virus.

In case of dog bites, don’t kill the dog. You should bring the dog to a health care facility to test the dog for infection of the said virus. In case the dog dies, its head must be severed and placed on ice then immediately brought to a hospital for testing.

Watch Video of a Man Suspected with Hydrophobia from Rabies Infection:

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The most common specific symptom of rabies infection is hydrophobia or fear of water which is a late manifestation of the disease. In the video, you can see a man infected with rabies virus trying to drink water. You can just imagine how much fear and tension the man had just to take a sip. Though he was able to drink water, the process of doing so was very much stressful.There was no information available on what happened to the man after the video was taken. It was just taken to show how serious rabies is.

Even though rabies is very much eradicated in most part of western countries, the said disease still exist in some parts of the world which makes it something to be concerned about. Since rabies is a fatal condition if left untreated or addressed late, People should be aware and educated about its serious dangers and what to do in case of bites. For those who had animal bites or even human bites; have yourself checked, be watchful of the early symptoms of rabies and get vaccinated immediately.

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