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These Self-Defense Tips From a Driver-Slash-Bodyguard Can Save Lives!





News about ill-willed hoodlums who disguise themselves as cab drivers, and who rob, rape, or maul their passengers is not something that will shock us. Most of these hooligans strike during the wee hours of the morning – but more imprudent ones charge regardless of the time of the day. Often, they choose women as their victims, probably because they believe that subduing and overpowering women is like a walk in the park, in comparison to men, of course. Just imagine trying to rob Dwayne Johnson. Phew.

But, lucky for us average citizens who might become targets of these thugs’ maleficent activities, a driver-slash-bodyguard disguised as an Uber car driver gave valuable tips about self-defense. These tips, when applied correctly and with proper timing, may just be what we need to kick those thugs’ butts.

1. When riding a cab/Uber, always check if you can open the door from the inside. If it is on child lock, be ready to defend yourself or opt to leave the vehicle.

2. Make sure that the vehicle is not on child lock. If the driver insists, attack him right away while he is still alone (he usually has company waiting in a few meters).

3. You have the following options:
a.Start by strangling him using his seatbelt. This is best done while the vehicle is not yet moving fast.

b. An easy-to-bring self-defense tool would be your eco-bag/any plastic bag stuffed with something solid and heavy (i.e., perfume bottle). He said we won’t have a hard time entering establishments with this instead of the usual firearms/knives. Use this to hit the attacker. This is more powerful than using your fist.

c. Don’t forget the power of your handbreadth. Use this to poke these weak points: eyes, nape, crown of the head, neck, chest, balls. (I think the idea is there are a lot of weak points within a handbreadth.)

d. If the attacker grabs you, try to remove his hand not by pulling the entire hand. Locate just the pinky finger and pull it hard. He said doing this will weaken the attacker’s grasp.

Strangle the attacker using the seat belt.

Strangle the attacker using the seat belt.

If you happen to find yourself in a pinch, just remember and apply these tips. Who knows when these would become handy? It could just save your life.

Do you know of other self-defense tips? Share them with us! And, don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends on Facebook! You might just help them, too!

H/T: Timi Cabana/ Facebook

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