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Scientists Engineer “Second Skin” That Can Banish Wrinkles and Eyebags


Baby boomers and generation Y-ers fretting over the passage of time on their faces and bodies may have hope soon in a high-tech solution scientists have created out of a protective polymer that effectively banishes wrinkles and eye bags.

While it may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, engineers from MIT, Olivo Labs, Living Proof, and Massachusetts General Hospital have put their heads, as well as their resources together to come up with what they call a “second skin.”

Imagine a brand new layer of “skin”…

wrinkles 2

This breakthrough in dermatological technology can be used to treat dry skin and eczema, but more importantly for the age-conscious, erase the signs of the times like wrinkles and eye bags.

While the artificial silicone-based polymer coating provides direct treatment for various problematic skin conditions, its most ideal property is that its stays put, unlike other creams, unguents and lotions in available in the market today that rub away with sweat, air, exposure to the sun, or clothing.

The second skin staying in place improves its effectivity and longevity, and can later be adapted to shield the original dermal layer from the sun’s harmful UV rays that speed up the effects of aging in the first place.

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The new amazing biomaterial not only provides a protective barrier, it delivers essential skin medication directly to the affected tissue, and endows the skin with a cosmetic improvement in the banishment of wrinkles and eye bags by taking on the properties of younger, healthier skin.

There’s a caveat though. The polymer layer isn’t meant to be worn 24/7, and the results of looking youthful aren’t permanent. You’ll need to remove and reapply the liquid polymer whenever necessary where it can bind with the skin and dry to a peelable layer to correct skin problems.

Still, the technology is a start towards achieving that forever youthful glow.

Who knows, it may even become a permanent skin fixture soon…

H/T: Yahoo News and CNet

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