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Science Teacher Demonstrated the Wonders of Science by Lighting His Student’s Hand on Fire





Science is a very interesting subject at the same time very strenuous and challenging.

Some love this subject so much and others may find it boring.

But When a teacher knows how to keep his students interested on their lessons then it could be a source of a higher level of learning and participation.

Most kids are fond of superheroes especially those with super powers.

Though those super heroes from comic books and movies are just fictional characters, this science teacher made it possible for a student to hold a fire on the latter’s hand without any damage or burn.

The teacher filled soap bubbles with methane gas and then lit it on fire while a student is touching it.

The teacher filled soap bubbles with methane gas and then lit it on fire while a student is touching it.

Source: youtube

Here is the principle of the science experiment. The solution is made up of water soap and methane gas. According to skeptical Science, this odorless gas is one carbon molecule surrounded by four hydrogen molecules. Water added with soap would produce bubbles once air is introduced.

If you put methane gas instead, the bubbles that will be formed will contain the gas which is flammable. Now when you grab a handful of this soapy water bubble and introduce fire, your hand will be on fire but having your hand wet with water will protect your hand from being burned as it sticks on to the liquid or solution. Methane gas is very light so the fire would go upward to the air thus minimizing contact with your hand. Keep in mind that methane gas is lighter than the air.

Watch the video of this very interesting science experiment:

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It is really amazing how science works even in simple experiments like this. You may try this with the guidance of your Science teacher but keep in mind to be careful and have an emergency kit and water ready in case of accident.

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