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Primary School Teacher Says She’s Learning To Be A Witch In Her Free Time




  • Sadie-Bentley Smokers, a primary school teacher from Kent is studying witchcraft during her free time.
  • She is learning to cast different spells but according to her, she’s not interested to learn about the ‘Dark Arts’ territory.

A primary school teacher from England has made headlines after sharing how she’s been spending her free time learning Wicca practices. In fact, she has a ‘sacred’ altar right in her bedroom.

For the past 2 years, Sadie-Bentley Smokers of Dartford, Kent has been researching about modern pagan practices so she could actually try casting spells. Despite this, she assures people that there is absolutely nothing to worry about – she’s not going down dangerous territories.

According to Sadie:

“It’s really my own personal form of spirituality.

“It has nothing to do with black magic, it’s all very focused on me, my health, my wellbeing and what I would like to happen.

“There may be other witches who practice the negative Dark Arts and cast hexes and curses, but that’s not my way.

“I work on myself or work positively for others, so they can attract what they want to happen to them.

“And after the year we’ve all had, with the pandemic, we could all do with a bit of magic in 2021.”

Sadie’s mom Karen is a crystal healer and a tarot card reader. She has always encouraged her to explore spirituality.
Sadie further went on saying she only uses her spells to do good things, such as casting a spell of “luck and prosperity” for Charlie, her boyfriend.

“Of course, he worked hard, so he deserved it, but I do think the spell helped,” pointed out Sadie.

There are books and online resources for those who want to explore witchcraft.

For those intersted to learn spells, Sadie has this to say – they’re all over the internet now. Plus there are are a lot of available resources,

“There are courses you can take, but I learn a lot by reading and by just practising spells,” she said. “There are also lots of us on Instagram, so I learn plenty from other witches that way.”

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