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Woman Suffers Burns After People Dressed As Witches Dropped Her Into Boiling Water

The woman was handed over by her friends to the ‘witches’ in the parade.

Angela Beltran





A woman in southwestern Germany has suffered serious burns after two people dressed as witches dropped her into a cauldron with boiling water in an annual carnival parade.

The woman, who has not been named, was badly scalded on her legs. The police believe that the incident was a joke that went wrong at a witch carnival parade in Eppingen, Germany.

The woman was accidentally dropped into a cauldron of boiling water during the parade.

Source: Express

Now, police officers are hunting two people dressed as witches for inflicting bodily injury out of negligence and possible neglected assistance.

During the parade, people dressed as witches was dragging a carnival cart with a bubbling cauldron.

Source: Bild

Witnesses stated that the girl’s friends had handed her over when she was picked out from the crowd. One witch opened the lid of the cauldron with boiling water as the woman was carried over to the cart by her fellow spectators. The other suspect carried her over the cauldron. Eventually, she was accidentally dropped into the boiling water, badly scalding her legs and feet.

Though the circumstances surrounding the incident is still unknown, the suspects fled the scene, leaving the woman where she was while the other spectators just pushed along without taking care of her.

The procession of 2,000 carnival witches continued.

Source: Bild

The woman was later brought to the hospital and received treatment for weeks because of the burns. A police offer said:

“For reasons unknown so far the young woman’s legs fell into the cauldron and the 18-year-old sustained severe injuries to her legs.”

She added that even if it’s a joke that went wrong, the people involved, particularly those who dropped the woman into boiling water may face prosecution.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the event are being criticized for posting photos of the carnival parade on Facebook without saying anything about the poor woman’s injuries and ordeal. Because of the incident, the city government is considering canceling the even permanently. The parade, which was organized by the “Hexenzunft Eppingen” or Witch Corporation Eppingen, has been celebrated since 2003.


Woman Mistakenly Buried Alive For 11 Days Dies After Fighting Her Way Out Of The Coffin

Residents in the cemetery heard screams and moans coming from her tomb.

Angela Beltran



Being buried alive is by far the worst thing you could wish to happen. In Brazil, however, a 37-year-old woman was buried alive for 11 days after being mistakenly pronounced dead in the hospital.

The distraught relatives of a deceased woman ended up digging her grave again. There were rumors that screams and moans emanated from the tomb, and they were convinced that she was declared dead by mistake.

The doctors in the hospital have declared Rosangela Almeida dos Santos dead due to septic shock following two cardiac arrests.

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African Ritual Removes Young Girls’ Genitals To Prevent Promiscuity

“When you are cut you will not be a sl_t.”

Ann Moises



“Has your daughter fed the ants?” This is not an ordinary question. Behind these words lie a brutal and horrifying truth that many young women from Africa know about. Millions of young girls are being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) against their will during the cutting season.

A girl is dragged from her own bed and taken to a “woman cutter”. Her own mother and relatives pin her head, arms, chest, and legs as the woman cutter forces her thighs open. She’d put millet flour on the girl’s private parts so she can hold it firmly…

Before, Anna-Moora Ndege uses a flattened six-inch nail to create a blade.


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40 Times Olympic Figure Skaters Made Funny Faces While Competing

It turns out these athletes are also graceful… in their facial expressions.




It is not easy being an Olympic figure skater. You have to be graceful and flexible, but you also have to have finesse in showcasing your talent. Otherwise, you will not have the "WOW" factor. While this kind of sport deserves the respect it receives, it still can be a source of fun. Well, we are talking about the captured facial expressions of these athletes – and we just could not help but laugh. This just gives us a whole new reason to love them and the sports.

We here at Elite Readers decided to compile a list of facial expressions captured from Olympic figure skaters. And we believe every single one of you can agree that they are hilarious, with all due respect to these athletes, of course. Why so serious anyway? Scroll down below and let us know which ones are your favorites!


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