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This is The World’s Longest Island-to-Island Zipline

The Sablayan Zipline Adventure — which also has the distinction of being the only motorized zipline in the Asia — opened last September 27, 2015.

Attention, zipline freaks! The world’s longest island-to-island zip line can be found in the Philippines — specifically, in a town named Sablayan in the province of Occidental Mindoro.

The Sablayan Zipline Adventure — which also has the distinction of being the only motorized zip line in Asia — opened last September 27, 2015. It covers 1.76 kilometers from its jump-off point at Parola Park in Occidental Mindoro to South Pandan Island (also known as Pandan Pequeño Island), which is already in the town of Calapan in Oriental Mindoro.

You’re basically going to go island-hopping… in a much cooler way.


The construction of the island-to-island zipline set-up reportedly cost around PHP6 million, which is around $126,210. The local government of Sablayan itself funded the venture in a bid to draw more tourists to the area.

The jump-off tower is 21 meters high.


Throughout the zip line trip, your eyes will feast on the awesome scenery of clear waters; you can easily see starfish and coral formations.

The view when you look back at the jump-off tower.


If you’re worried about taking too long on the zip line, a Balt Fam article puts your fears to rest: “If you’re thinking it’s quite a lengthy ride, it’s approximate time from top end-to-end is actually just around four minutes.”

The other end of the Sablayan Zipline Adventure.


The Sablayan Zipline Adventure is open seven days a week. Sablayan residents get a discount for the cool trip, paying only PHP300 or around $6.31. Tourists have to shell out PHP500 or $10.51. Bottom line: It’s a great deal for such a unique experience

You have to pass the on-site fitness test before you can zip through the line.


Keep in mind, though, that the zip line has a weight limit for its users. You have to be no heavier than 150 kilograms or 330 pounds.

Your view from the top is priceless.


Aside from giving instructions and safety tips, zip line instructors are on-site to determine whether people are fit enough for the experience. After all, an island-to-island zip line trip is most definitely not for the faint of heart.

This video gives you a first-person feel of the zip line thrill.

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An added treat when you visit the Sablayan Zipline Adventure is the fact that it’s close to the Apo Reef, which is a famous diving site.


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