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Schoolboy’s Outrageous Drawing Helped Police Find ‘Suspect’

He got an awesome reward for his efforts!

  • A young boy is being commended for his quick actions when he noticed a stranger trying to get into his school.
  • The schoolboy told his parents about the strange man and they immediately contacted the police.
  • The student even helped the police identify the “suspect” by drawing a truly outrageous sketch.

Sometimes even the smallest action can prove to be truly useful. A young boy took action when he saw a stranger trying to get inside his school. He even drew a picture of the man in question to help the police find the “suspect” and is getting praised for his efforts.

Ryan Cook is a 10-year old boy from Lemington, Newcastle in England who is truly protective of his school. The young boy spotted a strange man trying to get inside Lemington Riverside Primary School. Ryan thought the man looked suspicious so he immediately told his parents about the possible intruder.

Meet Ryan Cook, a schoolboy who is determined to keep his school safe.

A possible intruder certainly isn’t good news. Ryan’s parents quickly called the police, who showed up at the school and asked the young boy to describe the man. The helpful Ryan quickly came up with a sketch of the stranger.

Here is Ryan’s drawing.

He might not be Leonardo da Vinci but the Northumbria Police took Ryan’s sketch very seriously. They asked the school staff if they noticed someone that fit the boy’s description.

Interestingly, the staff confirmed that they have seen the man and that he was an official visitor to the school. Nevertheless, the police decided to reward Ryan for his quick action and helpful drawing.

The Northumbria Police gave Ryan a certificate thanking him for his fine detective work. He was also invited to take a tour of Etal Lane Police Station.

Ryan clearly enjoyed his tour of the police station.

Children must always keep an eye out for trouble even when they are in the safety of their school. Make sure to report any suspicious individuals to the authorities.


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