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This Awesome Homemade NERF Bazooka Is Your Fantasy Brought To Life

It measures 4 feet and can destroy a watermelon!

Mark Andrew





If you’re a fan of NERF guns (who isn’t, right?), then we bet you are gonna love this. As you will see in the video below, two YouTube vloggers created the ultimate weapon for all NERF enthusiasts – a massive bazooka!

YouTube tandem Ryan & David came up with the 4-foot shooter that fires pool noodles instead of small foam darts and it’s totally mindblowing, to say the least. Unsurprisingly, NERF geeks from all over the globe have been very enthusiastic about the invention.

Definitely not for your typical NERF game!

In the video description, the duo shared:

“The R&D team presents their version of the widely adored foam toys: a creation neither soft nor foamy, but instead a harbinger of ruin and desolation! That’s right! It’s a real, functioning NERF rocket launcher.”

The features are quite impressive.

Aside from its gorgeous 3D-printed details, Ryan & David’s badass rocket launcher measures 4 feet and has a 2.5-inch diameter barrel. It also comes equipped with flip-up sights, a safety switch, and an electronic trigger button.

As far as the ammo goes, the creators used pool noodles and fashioned them after NERF’s foam Strongarm darts. So yeah, they look like gigantic versions of the real deal – but these ones definitely wouldn’t be painless if they hit you since the orange caps are made of PVC.

Simply put, it’s ready to cause serious destruction, as you can see in the video below. Just look at what happened to that poor watermelon!

Watch the NERF rocket launcher in action here:

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According to their YouTube page’s description, Ryan and David are “two lifelong engineers and tinkerers” who “yearn to create the bizarre contraptions which exist in our imaginations. Eclectical Engineering allows us to bring that creative vision to reality by showcasing our eccentric DIY projects.”

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This Needle-Less Alternative to Stitches Is the New and Easy Way to Close Surface Wounds

The non-invasive approach prevents further puncturing of the skin.




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Today, there is a non-invasive alternative to stitches and staples that prevents further damage to the skin. Called the DermaClip, the single-use, needle-less device promotes healthy skin closure and wound healing. It is also simple and easy to use.

The device, made up of two pieces of adhesive joined by a polypropylene bridge, is applied to the edges of the wound and closed by pulling the tabs in opposing directions.

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These snacks are guaranteed to be yummy, nutritious, and easy to make!

Nobelle Borines



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Unfortunately, eating snacks with too much carbohydrates and sweeteners could leave you craving for more. The best snacks should always satisfy your hunger and help lower your blood sugar levels.

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Basic Things Action Figure Collectors Should Know When Storing Or Displaying Their Toys

Your superheroes need protecting and care, too!

Vincent Alocada



It can’t be denied that more and more people, including adults, have embraced the hobby of collecting action figures. However, many new collectors do not know the basics of taking good care of their growing collection, leading to the depreciation of the pieces’ value or deterioration of their appearance.

Whether your action figure collection is composed of DC or Marvel superheroes, characters from the “Star Wars” or “G.I. Joe” franchise, or NBA basketball superstars, they deserve the proper care. After all, the pieces don’t only remind of your childhood: You also spent a good amount of money and effort in acquiring them. Hence, you must make sure that they are well-taken care of, whether you intend to sell them in the future or simply delight your eyes.

To help you with this, here are some of the most basic things that you should bear in mind in order to preserve the value and beauty of the pieces in your growing collection.

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