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Russian Woman Incredibly Gives Birth In The Red Sea

She made childbirth look so easy.


Photos of a water birth that took place in the ocean have recently gone viral. A Russian pregnant woman went for dip in the Red Sea in Egypt only to deliver the baby in the water.

The incredible photos show two men, believed to have helped the woman during the water birth, emerging from the sea, with an older man carrying the newborn. The unusual childbirth happened in a resort in Dahab.

As seen on the photos, the baby’s umbilical cord was still attached and the placenta placed in a container.

Moments after giving birth, the mother came out of the water.

She later on went to reunite with her newborn.

The older man in the photos is reportedly the woman’s doctor while the other is believed to be her partner.

While no names have been revealed, it was reported that the doctor specializes in water births.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the photos were taken by Hadia Hosny El Said from her uncle, Mohamed Elsaid’s hotel balcony.

Hadia then uploaded the photos on Facebook and these went viral. People were impressed by the “beauty” and “ease” of water births.

It is believed that this water birth was planned since a doctor was around.

The photo also shows an older child, who is believed to belong to the same woman.

Dahab, where the water birth happened, is a resort town situated on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula. Local media reports stated that Dahab is becoming a more and more popular spot for many mothers want to have a sea water birth. While water births have been an acceptable child delivery method, with gynecologists and obstetricians supporting it given that the pregnant woman is healthy, many were concerned about a baby being born in sea water.

Although the woman may look like she’d just taken a casual swim, some experts believe that delivering a baby in the ocean can be risky. Dr. Saima Aftab, medical director at Fetal Care Center at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Miami, told Live Science that people shouldn’t think that ocean birth is perfectly safe.

“I worry that this is a completely dangerous environment for the baby even in the presence of a medical professional.”


Man Throws Acid On Wife After She Gives Birth to a Girl, Not a Boy

Hope this imbecile gets what he deserves.

A horrific experience happened to a woman after her husband poured acid on him, as he gave birth to a girl. The man was reportedly expecting a boy, but things went south after learning the true gender of his kid. The incident, ironically, happened on International Women’s Day.

Siraj Biwi, 32, threw acid at his 25-year-old wife named Farah Biwi while she was asleep. The attack, confirmed by reports, was due to the fact that she failed to produce him a son and fulfill her dowry.

After failing to product a boy, Farah's husband threw acid at her face.

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Girl Faces Lifetime Paralysis After Doing Risky Yoga Pose at Unlicensed Class In China

The girl couldn’t feel any sensation in her legs and couldn’t even hold her urine.

Performing complicated yoga moves requires practice and supervision from an expert, especially if beginners are involved. For this, a licensed class with a licensed instructor is needed for students to safely and successfully learn the moves. In China, however, one girl performed a risky move that resulted in her possibly being paralyzed for life.

Little girl Xiao Bao, who was attending a dance class in Zhengzhou, Hennan province, fell on her back while attempting to do "back bridge" as part of the warmup. It was reported that following her fall, the little girl was injured and could no longer bring herself back up again.

A CCTV footage captured the freak accident involving young dance student, Xiao Bao.

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Farmer Cracks Open Giant Egg Only To Find Another One Inside

That was something unexpected!

A farmer got the surprise of his life after cracking a giant egg only to find that another smaller one was hidden inside. The egg, which was the same size as an adult hand, was found at a family farm in northern Queensland, Australia called Stockman's Eggs.

The egg weighed about 176 grams, which is more than three times the size of a normal average egg. Owner Scott Stockman didn't see it coming but it was a puzzling discovery worth telling the world.

Stockman Eggs owner Scott Stockman was stunned by this unlikely surprise.

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