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Russian Traffic Vigilantes Aggressively Taught Violators a Harsh Lesson





The traffic jam in some parts of the world has transformed from being annoying to utterly unbearable. Sometimes, we cannot understand how people could do tactless things like beating the red light, not giving way to pedestrians and honking far too loud and long.

While other countries just let these things pass, a group of Russian vigilantes called “StopHam” aka “Stop a Douchebag,” will never let these things happen without due consequences. When they see traffic violators, they would stop cars and confront the wrongdoers. The members are hardcore and according to founder Dmitriy Chugunov, they are willing to teach a lesson or two to violators, even if it means using physical force.

One example of the group’s activities is stopping car owners, who chose to drive on the sidewalk to avoid the long traffic line.

This car was found on the sidewalk so the group awaited for it and confronted the driver.


When the violators stay stubborn, the group attaches a label that is so big, it can block the driver’s sight of the road.


This man gets a taste of his own bitter pill after resisting the vigilantes’ demands.


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Credits: Stop a Douchebag, Wereblog

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