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Orangutan Has Heartwarming Reaction To Burn Victim’s Scars





Humans and primates have a special connection as explained by genetics and scientific theories, which the ordinary layman generally cannot understand. A couple from the US, however, was able to show in a very clear and touching way as to how the two species are wired together through a simple visit to the zoo.

Engaged couple Darci Miller and Jason Costello went to the Indianapolis Zoo for a trip to see the animals. Little did they know that they were in for a heartwarming encounter with one of the animals there.

When they arrived at the section where the Orangutans were, Miller went near the glass to take a closer look. That was when an orangutan named Rocky came up to her, obviously exhibiting signs of curiosity at Miller’s arm and shoulder. It was because Miller had numerous bandages and signs of trauma on this part of her body.

Rocky pointing to Miller’s bandages

Source: Darci Miller

In 2015, Miller sustained scars and severe skin impairments due to serious burns. Right now, she is in the process of healing, but the traces of that experience are still etched all over her body.

Rocky seemed to be very curious and wanted to take a closer look at Miller’s scars. As aided by Costello, Rocky pointed out to Miller’s bandages, signalling her to reveal what’s beneath. Luckily for us, Costello was able to film the encounter. It can be seen how greatly interested Rocky was. As per Miller, it was one of the best encounters she’s had.

Rocky looking intently

Source: Darci Miller

“The orangutan was completely interested in my burn scars and recent surgery sights . . . I am a burn survivor from 2015, it has been up and down but this particular day made me feel really good about myself,” says Miller.

Miller eagerly showing her scars

Source: Darci Miller

Rocky, being the caged animal that he is, was not able to extend much help to Miller, but the interaction that they had tells us that he left a huge impact to the burn victim.

This story tells us that although humans and primates, or any other type of animal for that matter, come from different species, Earthly beings are all connected somehow.

Here is the video of the encounter:

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