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50 Times Tattoo Artists Perfectly Covered Up Scars And Birthmarks

These are beautiful!

There are so many people out there who are struggling with unwanted scars or birthmarks. And if they’re quite visible, then it’s surely going to attract a lot of questions and unwanted attention that some opted to hide their “flaws” under their clothes.

Luckily, tattoo artists can really help these people by covering these “flaws” or adding elegant details. They have done some incredible transformations that either cover up or compliment people’s scars or birthmarks, making them view their body in a much more positive light. Check out some of the brilliant works below.
















Tattoo artists are incredibly talented people. They can take a blank canvas and transform skin into beautiful works of art. However, sometimes they are asked to cover up things such as scars and birthmarks. These blemishes on people’s bodies can lower their self-esteem or bring back traumatic memories from the time they got them.
















People who have a great sense of humor cover their birthmarks with tattoos to regain some much-needed self-confidence, showing that imperfections are what make us beautiful with or without tattoos. Well, they don’t really cover the scars and birthmarks rather they incorporate them as a living part of the tattoo by adding some details to it.
















Nowadays there are so many people out there whose creative and innovative ways have resulted in finding advantages to what some others are trying to forget. Whether it is a small scar on your leg or a birthmark which you had no consent over. Wanting to forget a memory that a simple body scar can give you or maybe you just don’t like the way it looks, is totally okay.

How you want to deal with your scars or birthmarks, whether it is covering it up with foundation or a tattoo, that’s all up to you.







475-Pound Man Uses Facebook To Lose Nearly 200 Lbs. In One Year

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January is arguably one of the most important months of the year. It is when you can start fresh and have a clean slate. People tend to set their goals for the year during this month.

As for Assistant County and District Attorney for Ellis County Vance Wade Hinds, his resolution was the most popular one: To get himself on track with fitness. While it sounded easy, only a few people succeeded — including Vance.


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Syrian Refugee’s Small Falafel Shop Gets Named As ‘Nicest Place in America’

“I’m not here just to make falafel and make money. I’m here to build this community.”

If you were asked to choose the 'nicest place' in the United States, which would you select and why? While some would probably think of big, popular establishments, the country's pick actually became a massive surprise for many.

In a contest launched by Reader's Digest, people were asked to name the 'nicest place in America' and a small falafel shop in Knoxville, Tennessee walked away as the winner, beating its many other competitors.

What makes the shop special, you ask? Well, just go read it's interesting story below to learn more....

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Woman Told She Couldn’t Have Children Gives Birth To Miracle Albino Baby

“Ava feels like a little miracle, and even more so after she was diagnosed with albinism.”

All human pregnancies are tiny miracles on their own. However, one woman had a truly miraculous pregnancy when she gave birth to a little albino baby. After all, doctors had already told her she was infertile and it would be impossible for her to have children.

Shannon Conarty of Harrogate, North Yorkshire was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when she was only 15 years old. Unfortunately, this meant that she might be unable to conceive naturally due to cysts in her fallopian tubes. Shannon was already resigned to the idea that she might not be able to have children. However, she and her partner Tom were able to conceive an adorable miracle baby they named Ava.

Shannon had almost given up on having children before she had her adorable little miracle.


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