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Guy Joins an All-Girls’ Trip and Learns Some Harrowing Truths About Women





You have probably heard this saying a couple of times: Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. To put it simply, the two differ in a lot of things. Complex psychological differences, in particular, is what makes the two genders very different from each other.

But not in the case of Robbie Stowers, a 20-year-old guy from London, England. He decided to know what it is really like to be thrown into a group of girls on a ski trip. Being the observant individual that he is, the experience became an opportunity for him to learn more about the habits and idiosyncrasies of women from close up.

Meet Robbie, the guy who decided to go on a trip with all girls.

Stowers immediately began his documentation, observing and noting things that a guy like him find interesting. All of his observations are shared in short, witty tweets – which later went viral. His Twitter thread is totally worth your time, thanks to its comedic value.

And his real adventure finally began!

#1. What a discovery to start the whole trip.

#2. This does not surprise me at all, though.

#3. Ha! So that is why!

#4. Boys, on the other hand, keep it messy.

#5. A must-read for all gentlemen out there.

#6. Just part 2…

#7. Seriously?

#8. What on Earth could these be?

#9. Yikes!

#10. So are men, too!

#11. “Extended bathroom session.”

#12. And they wonder why they are fat? LOL

#13. I feel sorry for you, bro.

#14. And whoever believes the contrary is a fool.

#15. Consider this a warning, guys.

#16. OMG

#17. This one here is true. So freaking true.

#18. Apart from wearing boy jeans, they do this, too.

#19. Wow. What a role.

#20. At least, he had one of the most important duties in the world.

#21. KEEP. This. In. Mind.

#22. Oops.

#23. Yeah, we guys should get used to this.

#24. Oh, this one, too.

#25. You will be surprised with the amount of time they need on this planet.

#26. You know exactly why they need this stuff.

#27. Your opinions or suggestions do not matter, boys.

#28. And when you accidentally step on them, they will get angry.

#29. Expect this.

#30. For your own good…

So, what do you think about Robbie’s adventure? I am pretty sure you understood a thing or two here. In any case, do not forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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