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Two Huge Gold Nuggets Worth $350,000 Found in Australia

They found not just one, but two huge chunks of gold.

Ann Moises




  • Gold diggers Ethan West and Brent Shannon unearthed two gold nuggets in Tarnagulla, a gold mining town in central Victoria.
  • The nuggets weigh 3.5 kilograms combined, and are worth $350,000 AUD
  • Discovery Channel’s Aussie Gold Hunters aired the duo’s amazing stroke of luck on Thursday.

Ethan West and his brother- in-law, Brent Shannon have found two huge gold nuggets worth $350,000 AUD or approximately $250,000 USD.

The duo unearthed the precious stones near Tarnagulla after searching for months in the region. With the help of metal detectors and Ethan’s father, Paul West, they dug up the gold nuggets in a matter of hours.

The gold nuggets weigh 3.5 kilograms combined.

The estimated value of the gold chunks could go higher by 30% if they would sell them to a collector, according to a Discovery Channel press release.

For months they’ve waited for a permit to begin their search for gold in the area.

Shannon told Sunrise:

“I reckoned we were in for a chance. It was in a bit of virgin ground, which means it’s untouched and hasn’t been mined.

We pull the material out and put it up on the surface – and then we push it out very thinly and we detect it that way.

We can recover more gold that way, and it’s a better way to do it and a safer way to mine.”

The trio, who call themselves the Poseidon crew, first used an excavator to dig up dirt. Afterwards, they used a metal detector.

In a span of four years, West reckons he has already collected thousands of small gold pieces. However, this time it’s more meaningful.

These are definitely one of the most significant finds,” he told CNN. “To have two large chunks in one day is quite amazing.”

Discovery Channel’s Aussie Gold Hunters, aired the Poseidon Crew’s lucky find on Thursday.


750 Million Genetically-Engineered Mosquitoes to be Released in Florida Keys

However, scientists are unconvinced that these “Robo-squitoes” are safe.

Ann Moises



  • Local authorities already approved the release of 750 million "Robo-squitoes" in Florida Keys in 2021 and 2022.
  • These genetically-modified mosquitoes are programmed to control Aedes aegypti.
  • Local residents and environmental groups object the proposal due to the lack of comprehensive studies about the modified mosquitoes' impact on humans and the environment.
  • Oxitec also plans to release these mutant mosquitoes in Harris County, Texas beginning next year.

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Bizarre ‘Sea Monster’ Figurehead Recovered from Centuries-Old Shipwreck

People believed it could ward off evil spirits.

Ann Moises



  • In 2015, a team of experts from Sweden raised an extremely unique figurehead from a Danish warship that sank in the Baltic Sea over 500 years ago.
  • The carved, wooden 'sea monster' figurehead was like a 'fantasy animal' that appeared to have either swallowed or spat out a human being.
  • The artifact belonged to the Gribshunden, the flagship of King John of Denmark, that sank in 1495 after the vessel caught fire.

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Guy Invents The Karen Neutralizer, A Gun That Shoots Masks on People’s Faces

The finished “mask blaster” looked like something out of the movie Mad Max.




  • YouTuber Allen Pan used a car's brake line, pistol grip from a spray paint can, a solenoid valve from a pressurized CO2 canister, and some custom electronics.
  • His first attempt on an artificial head went perfectly, but became problematic on the succeeding tries.
  • He went to Huntington Beach to try testing it in an outdoor environment.

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