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5 Ridiculous Internet Challenges That Chinese Women Invented to Prove They’re “Fit”





What is it with people on social media always wanting to one up each other? These days there’s an ongoing trend where women go through bizarre lengths to prove how fit they are. No, it doesn’t involve anything surgical or painful. But instead, they’re posing with typical objects to show just how slender they are.

1 iPhone 6 Challenge

iPhone 6 Challenge
For instance, you have the iPhone 6 Challenge. Women are posing with their iPhones on their knees to show how slender their thighs are.

2 A4 Challnge

A4 Waist Challnge
There’s also the A4 Waist Challenge where women pose behind a piece of A4 paper to show how their torsos are about the size of an A4 piece of paper.

3 Clavicle Coin Challenge

Clavicle Coin Challenge
Another ridiculous skinny challenge is the Clavicle Coin Challenge where women put a bunch of coins in their clavicle to show how deep it is.

4 Bank Note Challenge

Bank Note Challenge
One more money-related skinny challenge is the Bank Note Challenge where women wrap a bank note around their wrists to show how delicate their wrists are.

5 Bellybutton Challenge

Bellybutton Challenge
And lastly, there’s the challenge that requires no objects to prove your slimness. The Bellybutton Challenge just dares you twist your arm behind your back and touch your bellybutton from the other side.

Now to be honest, these challenges, while perhaps proving how slim someone is, won’t do much good in terms of body image for a lot of women. As we all know, slim doesn’t necessarily mean fit. There are millions of women out there who are healthy and fit, and yet their bodies are nowhere near as slim as an iPhone 6 or a piece of A4 paper. They can’t hold coins in their clavicles or wrap bank notes around their wrists. Likewise, there are super slender women out there who, despite looking like supermodels, actually aren’t healthy at all.

The only things these challenges prove are how petite these women are, and it has nothing to do with fitness.

So the next time you want to check your measurements, use a tape measure.

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