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Woman Claims Not Drinking Water for 1 YEAR Made Her Much Healthier




  • Sophie Partik, 35, says dry fasting has significantly improved her health.
  • According to the woman from Bali, Indonesia, she hadn’t drank any water for a year and now she feels healthier as a result.

It may seem absurd but Sophie Partik insists it’s true: she had not drank any water for one year now. And she claims doing so has greatly improved her health.

According to the 35-year-old woman from Bali, Indonesia, ‘dry fasting’ has been beneficial for her physical well-being to the point that she now has better digestion and younger-looking skin. Plus her food allergies are gone.

Sophie, who works as a nutrition coach and yoga trainer, explains she fasts daily for up to 14 hours. During that period, she only drinks “living water” meaning juices from fruits.

In the past, she had problems with “extreme swelling” on her face and joints. She was also told by physicians that she needed surgery to cure her puffy eyes.

One of her friends suggested she try dry fasting instead. Despite how hard it seemed at the start, she gave it a go and now she’s convinced about its effectiveness.

Sophie reflects:

“Pretty much straight away the puffiness started to get better so I wanted to research a bit more.”

So fast forward to the present, Sophie has now totally shunned both faucet and bottled water because, she says, the body doesn’t really need them. They only “make you feel bloated” and they “flush all the nutrients out of your body,” she adds.

Sophie also says she’s more energetic now and no, she doesn’t really feel dehydrated at all.

“It’s in our mind that we need water, I know I am not dehydrated but it takes patience to overcome our desires,” she explains.

She likewise admit that dry fasting “isn’t for everyone” and that she’ll keep going, despite some opposition from her own family.

You can check out her vlog here:

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