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Rich Dude Pranks Girl, Uses His Jet to Expose Her As a Gold-Digger

A private jet is all it took for her to bail on her boyfriend!

There are women who are just all about the money. Sad but true; there is no shortage of females blinded by the promise of a happily-ever-after filled with luxury cars, designer clothes, and fabulous vacations. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a comfortable life but if you’re a woman who is already dating someone and you quickly throw him off for a man who has a private jet, then you have gold-digging tendencies.

A rich dude managed to expose one such female by luring her to his private jet. He was standing near a train station and waited for a girl to prank on.

The spotted one and asked her if he can walk with her, which she agreed to.

While they were walking, he asked her if she has anything to do later and she simply shut him down.

The dude said he’ll leave her alone because she already has a man but he has to at least get her Instagram first.

As he took out his phone, an SUV parked beside them and out comes a man wearing a suit.

The man in suit told the rich dude that the jet is already waiting and that they must go. The girl quickly did an about face and asked him if he really has a private jet.

Rich guy confirms that it’s true and that she can ride with him to the car on the way to the airport and show her.

At this moment, the girl already exposed her true colors. She got in the car and went with him to the airport.

Once inside, the girl talked to her boyfriend on the phone and canceled their plans, pretending that she’s sick.

The rich dude used this priceless moment to do something and expose the girl for the gold-digger that she really is!

Watch the video to see how this girl got owned!

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Guy Tricked Friend Into Attending Son’s Christening Party in Costume

He thought it was a costume party. Everyone else was wearing casual.

It’s important to be well-informed about certain details when you are attending an event. For example, you want to know the exact date, time, and venue of the event so you can show up at the right time and the right place.

Of course, it is likewise crucial that you know the attire or dress code, if any. You wouldn’t want to end up looking silly if you go wearing something inappropriate.

Take it from this guy who wore a full crusader gear and attended a Christening party.


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Guy Trolls Airport Travelers With Fake Wall Outlet Sticker Prank

There’s a special place in hell for people like this guy.

Everyone loves a good-natured prank. For example, who could forget about that viral video of a grandmother who pranked her husband with her funny water bottle coin 'magic trick'? Or that epic camel toe prank by a bunch of guys from YouTube? Man, we all had a good laugh with those ones.

Honestly though, I still can't decide whether this recent prank is plain genius or plain evil. As it turns out, Twitter netizen JustBasicDave thought of an idea of pranking people at an airport.

What did he do, you ask? Well, he made stickers of wall power outlets and stuck them around the airport so as to victimize travelers hoping to charge their devices....

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This is How Two Guys Shut Down a Gold Digger Like A Boss

It’s always satisfying to see a shameless gold digger getting savagely owned!


We now live in a world where people expect everything to be quick and efficient. Perhaps it is due to technology that we developed a lazy attitude because we can get almost everything at the click of our fingertips.

Surprisingly, it is also applicable to the mindset of getting rich very quickly. Why would you need to bust your ass out working when you can get rich quickly by getting with an already financially stable individual? Thus, the gold digger mindset was born.

YouTuber JoshPalerLin uploaded a video on his channel showing how to effectively get back on a gold digger like a boss. The two-minute video delivers sheer satisfaction to everyone who hates these modern day swindlers....

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