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The Rezvani Tank Is Your Ultimate Tactical Traffic Assault SUV

Military inspired, built to take on anything.






What’s your ultimate dream vehicle? If your answer isn’t the Rezvani Tank then we’re going to ask you to ponder for a minute and stare at this monstrous beauty until you are forced to change your mind and droll at this gorgeous road beast.

Created by Rezvani Motors, a company known for their wild vehicle designs, the Rezvani Tank will definitely make you feel like you could rule the roads like an evil genius or a powerful oligarch that you’ve always secretly wanted.

The company claims the Tank is part of a new vehicle category called the XUV, or Xtreme Utility Vehicle. Rezvani Motors presumably buys base model Jeep Wranglers and completely tears them down to the frame to build up their custom body — which can be equipped with Kevlar ballistic armor, bulletproof glass, and “military-grade” run-flat tires.

Introducing the Rezvani Tank, the vehicle designed to survive the apocalypse.

So, before we decide if this vehicle can actually live up to its name, let us check first its features. Under the Rezvani Tank’s hood is a massive 6.4-liter Fiat Chrysler V8. In case you did not know, this is the same one you will find in the likes of the Charger Scat Pack, Challenger, and Durango SRT. And believe it or not, this monster is tuned to produce a whopping 500 horsepower!

The tank is based on the popular Jeep Wrangler, though its design is rather more complex.

Apart from high-end leather seats, this beast comes with ballistc armor features.

Sure, it is an “out of this world HP,” you may say. But remember: the Tank looks quite heavy. So, in one way or another, the HP rate is just acceptable. Still, there is every possibility it can deliver an earth-shattering performance.

Its doors can even open automatically.

Equipped with the sophisticated Wrangler’s 4WD system, the Rezvani Truck can conquer any type of terrain. Interestingly, the carmaker notched its capability a bit. It boasts a FLIR-sourced infrared camera which is perfect for seeing through the dark.

There is even a head-up display designed to bring information right in front of your face. Do not worry, though. The display is built in a way that it would not be a distraction to you.

Equipped with FLIR Thermal Night Vision, you would not have any trouble driving this in complete darkness.

Its Kevlar-powered body renders bullets useless.

Apart from the “optional ballistic armor protection,” this vehicle has doors that open themselves. We do not even feel like calling it an SUV at all! Seriously, a vehicle with this type of features, we would love to call it XUV or “Xtreme Utility Vehicle.” Why? Think about its ballistic armor features: Kevlar Armor, Kevlar Protected Fuel Tank, Military-Grade Run Flat Tires, Bulletproof Glass, and Kevlar Floorpan.

Military Inspired, Built To Take On Anything

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The Rezvani Tank, thanks to its “all-terrain promise,” comes with a six-inch lift (a lift really!), Dynatrac ProRock locking axles, and knobby tires. And if you really look closely, you will see those beautiful Fox shocks. It is definitely the kind of vehicle you want to drive in a dystopian place or in the event of an apocalypse.

Its heads-up display really looks awesome!

And, oh, it has a lift system.

Since this beast offers a lot of nice things, it’s expected to cost a lot. Unless you have $146,000 (base model is worth $122,000 though), your chances of getting hold of this monster are low.

Check it out in full action below!

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