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After 5-Year-Old Boy’s Misadventure, Man With A Lamborghini Invites Him For A Joy Ride

“I was 12 when I took my parents’ car. This kid is 5?.. I thought, this kid is ambitious and has no fear,” he said.

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  • After receiving negative comments from strangers, the family of 5-year-old Adrian Zamarripa received a call from Jeremy Neves, 33, who invited the child for a joy ride in his Lamborghini.
  • Neves said he was impressed and shocked when he heard about the child driving on the freeway to “buy” a Lamborghini.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeremy Neves, 33, of Orem Utah invited 5-year-old boy Adrian Zamarripa who recently made headlines after driving his parents’ SUV in a Utah highway to “buy” a Lamborghini in California. Neves’ kind gesture was made to ward off harsh social media comments against the boy’s family.

In a Washington Post feature, Neves said that as soon as he heard “Adrian’s incredible and potentially deadly road trip”, he immediately contacted the family and requested whether he could take the 5-year-old-boy for a ride in his Lamborghini.

“I was shocked that a 5-year-old knew how to get on the freeway, then pull over for a cop…I was 12 when I took my parents’ car. This kid is 5? I couldn’t believe it. I thought, this kid is ambitious and has no fear,” Neves told The Washington Post.

Adrian Zamarripa’s adventure trip went viral online after he took his parents’ SUV, and drove to the Interstate 15 to buy his dream Lamborghini in California. Trooper Rick Morgan spotted the vehicle swerving at 30 mph and he initially suspected it was an “impaired driver”.

When he was asked to pull over, Adrian explained he left their house and drove off after he had an argument with his mother who told him that she will not purchase the luxury car for him. According to reports, the boy only had $3 in his pocket.

Immediately after the Utah Highway Patrol posted about Adrian’s adventure, his parents and his sister Sidney Flores received backlash on social media.

Flores said they experienced public shaming and some even commented that Adrian should be in jail while others wished him dead.

“People started saying that my mom is not a good mother, and others thought that Adrian should be in jail. The one that hit us the most was when a lady said that she wished death on him. These people know nothing about what goes on at out house. They don’t know how hard my parents work. We could not believe how many haters were out there,” Flores said.

Although education and discipline are “certainly appropriate” in the child’s case, Neves believes people need to be kind and not focus on the bad.

He called on netizens to stop all the harsh comments against the boy and his family.

“Let’s not miss the gift and the genius of this little boy. He was determined, willing to do whatever it took to go after his dream. You don’t want that dreaming to stop,” Neves said.

Neves also took Adrian’s family — his parents, aunt, uncles, and cousins — for a joy ride for hours around their neighborhood. Flores said it was an amazing experience for them and seeing her brother’s happy face was the best part.

A Utah prosecutor decided that Adrian’s parents will not be facing any charges because there is no proof of “neglect” or “inappropriate action” on their part.

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