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14 Renovation Mistakes Most Homeowners Make





A house renovation is not as simple as what you see on TV. Many things can go wrong, especially for inexperienced homeowners.

Starting a new home design project can be an exciting time for anyone ready for a change in decor. However, homeowners sometimes get lost in their eagerness and simply forget to budget or think about the space.

Here are 14 renovation mistakes most homeowners make.

1. They don’t take photos of a utility system before starting the renovation.

It is best to mark all the wires and utility system on the plan. Taking a picture of the wall is also a good idea.

2. Placement of the light switch placement.
3. Opting for patterned and textured floor covering.
4. Floors that are either too dark or too light.

Dark floors will make all the dust pop up more, while white floors are a nightmare to clean. Go for a color that is something in between.

5. Not wrapping pipes with soundproofing material.

Your neighbors don’t need to know every time you flush the toilet. Some things are better kept private.

6. Laminate and wood floors in the kitchen.

These materials are pretty hard to clean in the kitchen, where you can spill almost anything every single day. Cooking is already tiring, so you don’t want to spend more time cleaning afterward.

7. Drywall bathroom ceilings.
8. If you have floor heating but without a timer.
9. No side walls in the bathroom.

To prevent water from staying in the corners collecting fungus, the side walls should be tilted. But if you’re lucky to find a tub that already has tilted sides, then much better.

10. No bathtub tilt.

11. Sharp drawer/cabinet handles.
12. “Fake” materials that look like real ones..
13. Wallpaper that creates shadows at junctions.
14. Not considering child safety locks on the windows.

A beautiful house means nothing if it is not safe for those who are living in it, especially for kids.

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