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14 Renovation Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

#2 is very helpful.

A house renovation is not as simple as what you see on TV. Many things can go wrong, especially for inexperienced homeowners.

Starting a new home design project can be an exciting time for anyone ready for a change in decor. However, homeowners sometimes get lost in their eagerness and simply forget to budget or think about the space.

Here are 14 renovation mistakes most homeowners make.

1. Not taking photos of a utility system before the renovation.

Before you hide all the wires and other systems behind the walls, you should mark them on the plan or at least take a photo of the wall: this will allow you to know where they are so you won’t damage them when you put up shelves, TVs, and other things on the walls.

2. Light switch placement.

If you put the light switch too high, children will have to jump to reach it, and if you put it near the door hinges, you will have to walk into darkness a lot. The best place is on the side of the door handle at 2.5 ft.

In the bedroom, you should have two light switches: one at the entrance and the other one near the bed, so you don’t have to walk all the way from one end of the room to the other before you go to sleep.

The same principle works for long halls: two light switches eliminate the necessity to walk around the whole hallway.

3. Floor covering with a pattern.

When choosing a floor covering, it’s hard to resist buying easy options like laminate or wood boards with a beveled edge, textured tiles, or linoleum that looks like wood. In fact, any texture on the floor will get dirty all the time, and it will be challenging to keep it clean. If you do this, it will take you much more time to clean your apartment.

4. Floors that are too light or too dark.

White floors or black floors guarantee that you’ll have to clean way more often. This is the perfect background to see all the dust and dirt present. The best option is to choose a grayish color since it’s harder to spot dust on it.

5. Soundproofing.

Plastic pipes have one serious flaw: sound resonates in them too well and so they may reveal everything your neighbors do in the bathroom. That being said, this room’s pipes should be wrapped in soundproofing material.

6. Wood in the kitchen.

Laminate and wood are the worst materials for the floor in the kitchen. You may accidentally spill some soup, and there will always be a mark on the floor. So the best option here is linoleum or tile.

7. Bathroom ceilings made of drywall.

Even waterproof drywall will not protect your bathroom from the neighbors upstairs. A stretch ceiling is the perfect protection against flooding: the water will remain above the ceiling instead of spreading all around the house.

8. Floor heating without a timer.

How do you ensure you always have warm floors? Well, floor heating with a timer, of course! In the morning, you won’t have to wait until the floor is warm. Plus floor heating in the bathroom helps eliminate the risk of getting molds.

9. Not putting side walls in the bathroom.

In the spot where the bathtub comes into contact with the wall, the sides should be tilted. If you leave some space in between, all the water will be on the floor. But if you put some material in between, chances are the water will remain in the corners which means there’s a chance of having fungus in your bathroom.

10. Forgetting a bathtub tilt.

If your bathtub has a flat bottom, it should be installed at a tilt relative to the drainage. The tilt should be just about 3° to 5°; you don’t need more. If the bathtub is absolutely level, you will have to make water go down the drain by yourself every single time you use it.

11. Sharp handles.

Even if you found the most beautiful sharp handles, don’t give in. It’s easier to get hurt or damage your clothes on these. So when choosing this accessory, comfort should be the #1 priority. The shape should be round and smooth.

12. “Fake” materials.

Fake materials that look like real ones, in fact, look very cheap and inappropriate. They make the entire picture look “heavy.” You can deceive the eye: it will easily detect similar lines and the same pattern. So instead of buying “marble-like” tiles, just buy ones that have only one color or a simple pattern.

13. Wallpaper junctions.

If your walls are perfectly flat, you can choose the thinnest wallpaper. For them not to create any shadows at the junctions, they should be placed in the direction from the window to the inside of the room. This way, the light will be on the edge of the upper layer. Otherwise, you should just choose wallpapers with a pattern that will hide the wall’s imperfections.

14. Not having child safety locks on the windows.

When you decide to change windows, make sure you install child safety locks. You may not have children at the moment, but things may change in the future. The thing is, it may be hard to install this system later so it’s best to do it right away.


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