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Critic Who Slammed China For Coronavirus Response Goes ‘Missing’

He’s under investigation for “serious violations of law and discipline,” according to the Communist Party.

  • Chinese billionaire Ren Zhiqiang has gone ‘missing’ after openly criticizing the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • His loved ones have lost contact with him since March 12.
  • According to the Communist Party, Ren is currently under investigation for “serious violations of law and discipline.”

Aside from being known as a real estate tycoon, Ren Zhiqiang has also gained quite a reputation for one thing: he’s a critic of the Chinese government. He has questioned how the authorities handled the coronavirus crisis and now he is under investigation by the Communist Party for “serious violations of law and discipline.”

Beijing’s Commission for Discipline Inspection has recently issued a statement confirming the investigation. Meanwhile, Ren’s friends are now “extremely anxious” about the situation since they had not been able to get in touch with him since March 12.

Ren penned an article blasting China for its response to coronavirus. He expressed disappointment over the alleged cover-up of the outbreak plus he is also questioning the country’s claim of victory against the disease.

The billionaire said the virus exposed the party’s “crisis of governance” and while he did not specifically mention President Xi Jinping’s name, he wrote that he sees nothing but “a clown stripped naked who insisted on continuing being emperor.”

Xi delivered a speech last February 23.

He also continued:

“The reality shown by this epidemic is that the party defends its own interests, the government officials defend their own interests, and the monarch only defends the status and interests of the core.”

Watch this video to learn more:

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Ren’s arrest has since prompted mixed reactions from netizens.

One commented “Investigated for speaking the truth. Big red really suffers insecurity and inferiority complexes” while another wrote “I bet he is investigated for other reasons rather than his comment for coronavirus.”


Thousands Are Leaving Wuhan After China Lifts Lockdown

Authorities assured that safety precautions will still be observed.

  • With China lifting the mandatory lockdown on Wuhan, thousands (of locals and non-locals) are expected to leave the city in the next several days.
  • Public transportation, such as trains and planes, are now open to the public once more and thousands have booked their seats to different destinations.
  • According to authorities, safety precautions will still be observed.

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Nurse Gets Suspended After Buying Protective Supplies For Fellow Frontliners Using GoFundMe Money

“We understand this is what we signed up for. Just provide us with sufficient (protective equipment) so we can give these patients the optimal care that they need, and so we aren’t contaminating others or ourselves,” a nurse in the ICU said.

  • Olga Matievskaya, a registered nurse in New Jersey's Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, has been suspended after raising funds on GoFundMe and purchasing personal protective equipment for her fellow frontliners.
  • The hospital administrator made the decision after Olga started distributing "unauthorized protective gear."
  • Other nurses have since revealed that the hospital only provides them with surgical masks and they've been instructed to reuse them for a week.

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Panic Buyers In The U.K. Are Throwing Out Their Excess Food To Garbage Bins

While some other parts of the world have nothing to eat during the lockdown…

  • A public official in the United Kingdom expressed his frustrations towards citizens by taking photos of their garbage bins on posting it on Twitter, reminding them that panic buying is not a good idea.
  • The photos show fresh loaves of bread, fruits, and packets of cooked meat, among others.

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