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This Professor is an Inspiration to All Aspiring Educators





Being a teacher is a serious matter. As second parents to our children, they are responsible for teaching our kids how to read, write, solve math problems, and learn about the world. Aside from these, they are also tasked to impart to our children good manners and right conduct – which is why anyone who pledges to teach must understand the heavy responsibilities the profession entails.

This gem of a commercial created by 7-11 perfectly captures the essence of being an educator – giving your light to others in order to guide them on their own way.

The professor in this story noticed that one of his students lagged behind his schoolmates in terms of academic performance; the student rarely attends classes, and when he does, he tends to fall asleep. Seeking to find the reason behind his poor performance, the professor found out that the student had to support himself in order to survive. The young student also cited his being alone as a reason not to strive for success, stating that no one would be proud of him and his achievements anyway.

Watch how their inspiring story unfolds here:

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Yes, being an educator will not help you earn millions, but the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment a teacher feels when their students achieve excellence and make something of themselves as adults make all the sacrifices all worth it.


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