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Pregnant Woman Finds Husband a Second Wife So She Can Take Care of Him

Would you be open to this arrangement?

  • Pregnant Malaysian woman Khuzatul Atiqah wanted to make sure her husband’s needs are met
  • That’s when she decided to bring in another woman into their marriage.
  • Everyone seems to be okay with the unusual arrangement

Polygamy in relationships is not something uncommon but it is usually frowned upon by society. After all, commitment to relationships, especially marriage, is supposed to be shared by two people. But not for one Malaysian woman, who believes her husband needed a second wife just because she can’t take care of his needs while she’s pregnant.

Khuzatul Atiqah has been married to Samuel Dzul since 2011. While you might think that having another woman to please your husband is a crazy idea, Atiqah did it – and did so willingly. 

The pregnant woman was even the one who made the effort to look for a second wife for her husband.

The expectant mother took to Facebook to share her sentiments about her role as a wife and her concerns about her husband and kids. Atiqah mentioned that she is sick and her condition is not improving. She even reached the point of having a wheelchair to help her move around. She then wondered what will happen to her family if something bad happens to her.

That’s when she thought that having another woman in the house might help her. That second wife will be the one to care for her family as well. In 2018, Atiqah met a single mother named Nur Fathonah on social media. Eventually, the two became close. Atiqah then suggested to Fathonah that she should be married to her husband.

After much persuasion, Fathonah agreed to the arrangement. Seeing that Atiqah has a wonderful family and that everyone seems to get along just fine, Fathonah then agreed to become the second wife.

Atiqah admitted that she’s always been against polygamy.

In one of Atiqah’s posts on Facebook, she mentioned how living with her in-laws made her realize that polygamy is not so bad after all. Her father-in-law had three wives and Atiqah observed how everyone got along well. She also realized there were many advantages to having multiple spouses. 

So far, this unusual arrangement has been going on without any problems. People who follow this family’s story always look forward to more updates from both women. 

How about you? Would you be open to such an arrangement in your marriage?


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