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Pregnant Woman Tells Her Mother She’s Pregnant… Everyday!

Her mother rejoices and claps each time she hears the news.

Pregnancy announcements are always exciting. Remember that viral video when mom-to-be Alexa Goolsby decided to break the news to her parents through a “Whisper Challenge” game? Her dad’s reaction was epic! He was obviously thrilled about the thought of being a grandfather. Also, who could forget about the story of Brianne Dow who surprised her husband through a sweet photoshoot. That was touching, too.

Now the video you will see below isn’t only heartwarming but heartbreaking at the same time. When Christine Stone, 38, learned she was pregnant with her first baby, she naturally wanted to tell her mother about the happy news. The catch here, however, is that Setsuko Harmon, her mother, suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. So Christine decided she had to let her know about it in a special way –

Setsuko Harmon, 77 years old, is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

So Christine Stone, her daughter, decided to take videos as she announces her pregnancy to her over and over again.

The video eventually went viral, capturing the hearts of netizens across the world. Needless to say, many have been touched and devastated at the same time.

In the said clip, you will see Setsuko’s happy reaction each time Christine tells her about the pregnancy. She can be seen smiling and clapping her hands in excitement. “I’m so glad,” she even tells her daughter.

You can watch the video here:

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Setsuko has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about eight years ago.

In a Mirror article, we learn that 69-year-old Bob, Setsuko’s husband, takes care of her everyday. Meanwhile, Christine and her husband, looks after the old woman during weekends.

“It is very sad, but she mostly has a positive attitude,” Christine said.

According to Christine:

“It makes my father sad and depressed to see the video but he likes to see her happy and excited.

“Her short term memory is affected so she forgets she just ate and where the bathroom is which is really hard on Dad.

“She can remember things that happened a long time ago but will ask the same question over and over.

“It is very sad, but she mostly has a positive attitude.”


Meet “Tree Man”, A BIG Gorgeous Hunk Who Became A Hot Male Obsession Online

Everything about him is BIG.

The internet will never run out of the next online sensation. Remember cashmeousside girl? Nothing or no one escapes the scrutiny of netizens and tweets and posts start to spread like wildfire, a new “It” girl or guy is born.

Danny Jones, aka Tree Man, is the biggest thing to hit the internet, and we do mean BIG. I mean, just take a look at this guy!

It all started when a Twitter user “la loba” tweeted about Danny, complete with pictures showing how huge he is.


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Teen Hits 90-Year-Old Man in the Head With a Cane for No Reason Whatsoever

Juan Llorens, 90, was just minding his own business when a 19-year-old guy suddenly attacked him viciously.

A 90-year-old man named Juan Llorens is a familiar figure in the neighborhood of Inwood in Manhattan, New York. Residents of the area have known him for decades. They describe Juan as a friendly man who goes around with a shopping cart to pick up bottles and cans for recycling. Other refer to him as the neighborhood's resident "grandpa."

One day, Juan was going just around the neighborhood as usual. However, as he pushed his shopping cart on the sidewalk, a young man carrying a cane suddenly charged at him. After kicking Juan's cart, the young man proceeded to hit the 90-year-old in the head with a cane. Although bystanders were initially shocked, some of them tried to get hold of the man who had hurt Juan.

Here's how the vicious unprovoked attack happened.


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Couple Shocked to See Man Being Attacked by Great White Shark in California’s Monterey Bay

Gene Mace and his wife called for help and recorded a video of the man being attacked by a Great White Shark.

Pop culture has conditioned us to think that the Great White Shark is out to get people. One of the most popular movies of all time, Jaws, certainly made us think that way.

Over the years, so many other movies have taken advantage of people's fear of sharks. Thus, sharks, in general, have such a bad reputation.

Shark swimming speed: Up to 50 kilometers per hour.


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