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Lip Reading Game Captures Grandfather’s Priceless Reaction To Surprise Pregnancy Announcement





Alexa Goolsby, a soon-to-be mother from Texas, decided to tell her parents about her pregnancy in a very unusual way – through a game.

Taking a page from Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show, the couple played the “The Whisper Challenge” with Alexa’s dad and mom to break the news. The idea here is that a player wears noise-cancelling headphones while listening to loud music while the other player says a phrase. The person wearing the headphones will then try to guess what the phrase was.

According to Alexa, they did the baby announcement during “family game day.”

1. As you will see on the video, Alexa’s dad was really into the game.

pregnancy-announcement-grandfather-epic-reaction 1

2. The mother easily got it and smiled the entire time.

pregnancy-announcement-grandfather-epic-reaction 2
She simply watched and waited for her husband to find out for himself though.

3. Alexa’s husband repeatedly said “You are going to be a grandfather.”

pregnancy-announcement-grandfather-epic-reaction 3
To which the grandpa-to-be replied “You’re going to the beach!”

4. Grandpa finally guessed the phrase but instantly realized what was happening.

pregnancy-announcement-grandfather-epic-reaction 4

5. He was, of course, immediately overcome with shock and joy!

pregnancy-announcement-grandfather-epic-reaction 5

6. “I can’t believe it,” he said, embracing his wife afterwards.

pregnancy-announcement-grandfather-epic-reaction 6
He definitely didn’t see it coming.

7. Everyone started becoming emotional.

pregnancy-announcement-grandfather-epic-reaction 7

8. The hilarious game then ended with a warm group hug.

pregnancy-announcement-grandfather-epic-reaction 8
I really couldn’t help but smile while watching this one.

You can watch the video here:

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The adorable video has since been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

Congratulations to the couple and the grandparents!


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