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Family Helps Pregnant Stingray Give Birth On The Beach

This is one of the many rescue stories that should restore your faith in humanity.

A stingray that got pulled from a line and stranded on the beach has just given birth to baby stingrays – all thanks to a family of beachgoers who were at the scene.

Apparently, the stingray got its jaw stuck in a hook and it is believed that it got caught on a fishing line. While lying on its back on the shore, a group of people saw little barbs emerging from its cloaca and that’s when they realize that the sea creature is actually pregnant.

The stingray is reportedly caught on the line by accident.

The family then insisted that the stingray should be put back into the water…

Especially when they realize that it's giving birth.

As people were being cautious about picking up the animal and putting it back into the water, one of them pushed the stingray’s belly and a baby smoothly popped out.

Everyone in the video was screaming with excitement. One woman can be heard saying to push the ray’s belly again.

Watch the video below.

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It’s a good thing that eventually, the family thought of removing the hook from the stingray’s jaw. More importantly, it’s a great thing that the mama stingray survived to be able to look after her babies.

Stingrays are ovoviviparous, which means that they give birth to eggs that develop inside the female's body.

Source: Kfulgham84

The embryos don’t have a placenta. Instead, they rely on the yolk sac and the mother’s uterine wall for nourishment. Once these eggs hatch inside, they are released from the cloaca (or the orifice of an animal that serves digestive, reproductive and urinary purposes) as live young.

In the video, one woman can be heard saying that the adult stingray should be put back into the water so it can be with its newborn pups. The woman was concerned about how the little stingrays will be able to feed if the mother is not around. But as newborns, stingrays are already capable of finding their own food since they are naturally excellent swimmers. Still, they need protection and that’s what their mothers are for.


Snapping Turtle Allegedly Fed Puppy By Teacher Is Euthanized

A science teacher reportedly fed the live puppy to a snapping turtle.

Authorities have euthanized the snapping turtle that, allegedly, was fed with a live puppy by an Idaho school teacher. As previously reported, Preston Junior High teacher Robert Crosland was accused of feeding an innocent puppy to the reptile in front of students on Wednesday.

Idaho officials seized the turtle and then euthanized it amidst investigation into allegations against Crosland, CBS reported. The state Department of Agriculture issued a statement on Friday saying that snapping turtles are an invasive species in Idaho and one would require a permit to own it.

Snapping turtles are omnivorous and they could be a threat to the native species in the area.


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Vegan YouTuber Criticized After Forcing Her Carnivorous Fox On A Vegan Diet

She insists feeding meat to animals is considered animal abuse.

A YouTube star in Barcelona, who also happens to be an animal rights activist, is now in hot water after posting photos of her thin pet Fennec fox. Not only that, vegan YouTuber Sonia Sae also revealed that her pet named Jumanji is actually following a plant-based diet.

Now, her followers -- mostly animal advocates -- are calling her out because of how she's treating the animal, which is classified as an obligate carnivore. Sonia said Jumanji has been observing a vegan diet ever since he was rescued from a breeder in 2014.

Sonia's pet Fennec fox named Jumanji has been eating vegan food for years.


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Hero Dog Shot Multiple Times After Protecting Teen Owner From Robbers

He is indeed man’s best friend!

A two-year-old German shepherd just proved that dogs are indeed man’s best friends. Named Rex, it helped fight armed intruders who invaded Javier Mercado’s house one afternoon in Des Moines, USA. Javier reportedly heard a noise and as he gazed upon a window, he saw a vehicle he did not recognize.

Suddenly, he heard his sliding door break. The glasses shattered so loudly that Rex quickly ran downstairs. It started “barking and barking.” Eventually, a guy screamed, “the dog bit me, get the dog.” Javier rushed to the phone and dialed 911.

Meet Rex, the German shepherd that helped stop a burglary.


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