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Dead Stingray Found With A Camera, A Book, And A Pack Of Cigarettes In Its Stomach




  • A stingray was found in an undisclosed location with the most unusual and heartbreaking contents in its stomach.
  • The creature’s belly was distended because it had eaten items left behind by careless people.
  • The stingray had consumed a digital camera as well as other garbage items.

People are continuously being warned about dumping their garbage in the oceans due to its life-threatening effect on marine life. Unfortunately, there are several casualties of mankind’s negligence. One unfortunate stingray was found lifeless with a distended belly. When it was cut open, the creature’s stomach contents included a digital camera, a book, and a pack of cigarettes.

The images of the stingray’s carcass were first shared on Instagram by @interseccionalidad and have been reposted by the 5MinuteBeachCleanup Foundation. The post confirms that the creature was already dead when it was found and may have died due to what it had consumed. Its stomach contained an empty bottle, a book, a pack of cigarettes, and a digital camera.

The people who found the stingray were surprised when they opened the poor creature’s stomach.
The stomach contents include a bottle, a book, and a camera.

It was unclear where the stingray was found. However, the book in its stomach is written in Mandarin hanzi. Likewise, it was not revealed whether the camera still worked or if it contained pictures that would identify its owner.

Stingrays usually feed on mollusks, crustaceans, and even small fish. However, a hungry stingray might consume anything that they could find. Unfortunately, this could include garbage that is not digestible and could even lead to their death.

The stingray had eaten a book written in Mandarin as well as an unopened pack of cigarettes.
A closer look at the digital camera.

5MinuteBeachCleanup issued a message for people in hopes that everyone will be more careful about discarding their garbage.

“Please friends on Instagram BE CAREFUL AND WATCH YOUR HABITS and how you dispose your trash – please share ! so other are informed and awaken about this serious problem we are facing,” they wrote.

Millions of people dump their garbage in the oceans every year. Unfortunately, this has claimed millions of sea creatures’ lives and continues to affect marine life to this day.

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