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8 Underrated Islands You Need To Consider On Your Next Vacation





Let’s get real. Most of our fantasized island destinations are overcrowded. As much as we want to enjoy the sun and the beach along with its adventure, sometimes, it’s more relaxing when there are fewer people.

Rather than opting for islands that are always making the best list, why not consider these eight less boasted islands. You’ll be stunned by the beauty and serenity it holds.

1. Saba Island, Caribbean

Source: Wikipedia

This five-square-mile island is one of Carribean’s hidden gems. It is called the “The Unspoiled Queen” for its pureness and well-preserved ecosystem. Resorts and beaches are limited; even cruise ships aren’t welcome here.

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2. Grenada

What is also known as Spice Island has lots to offer – from visiting its spice plantations, diving, snorkeling, hiking, and simply enjoying its picturesque scene. This island is the home of Grand Anse, besides the 45 beaches and secluded coves it has.

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3. Dominica, Caribbean

This is the volcanic island in the Carribean with a champagne reef. Why? It’s because of an underwater geothermal spring with hot bubbles which make snorkelers and divers feel as if they’re bathing in champagne. Mostly covered by rainforest, this volcanic island offers several long stretches of black sandy beach, hot springs, and awesome natural swimming holes.

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4. Naxos, Greece

Unlike Santorini, Naxos is uncrowded with tourists, and yet it has a beauty to offer that one can’t refuse.

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5. Inisheer Island

Source: Liaeden Info

Locals in this Island still speak Irish Gaelic, and you’ll be amazed by its beautiful stretch of white sand and cerulean-colored water.

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6. Santa Rosa Island, California

Most tourists head to the famous Catalina Island but what they didn’t know is that the Santa Rosa Island, the second largest in California’s Channel Islands, is just as delightful but without too many people.

Since there are no hotels nor services on this island, camping, hiking, and trekking are some of the things can do here while appreciating the beauty that this island has.

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7. Tobago

Source: Pixabay

Between the island duo, Trinidad and Tobago, the better and more serene choice to go to is the smaller Tobago. Everything is close to you including beaches and Carribean’s underwater paradise because the island is only six miles wide with not many vacationists.

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8. Fogo Island

Source: Wikipedia

You have lots of exploring to do in this tropical island like listening to thick Irish lilts in one of its 11 communities and Tilting’s history and fish industry. This may prove to be more exciting than just sun-basking and splashing around the clear turquoise water.

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Are there underrated islands you know that were not mentioned above? Let us know.

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