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Rare and Freaky Sea Creature Caught on Film

Who wants an encounter with this strange but fascinating creature?


While many are fascinated with exploring the possibility of life beyond the planet, it is interesting to know that Earth’s diversity has a lot more to offer.

The Earth’s ocean, which cover most of the face of the planet, is home to mysterious and sometimes spooky deep-sea creatures. Most of these strange but fascinating creatures have been hiding in the depths of the planet’s waters for ages. With the development of underwater cameras, humans have been given the opportunity to see the unseen as well as explore the unexplored.

Filmed approximately 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico using an oil rig camera, this captivating footage shows a rarely seen jellyfish swimming.


Photo credit: YouTube

According to Zeibiz, the bizarre sea creature is Depstaria reticulum, an enormous jellyfish usually found in the Antarctic, not in the Gulf of Mexico. These organisms can grow up to two feet wide.

Check out the fascinating footage below.

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Couple Spends More Than £200,000 on Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like Barbie and Ken

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!


A couple from France has transformed themselves into the real-life Barbie and Ken dolls by going through extensive cosmetic surgeries.

Quentin Dehar and Anastasia Reskoss are willing to do anything to look like the popular pair of dolls. In fact, they have shelled out over £200,000 on dozens of treatments and procedures. Their list of operations include four nose jobs, two boob jobs, butt implants, lip injections, botox, cheek fillers, eye bag removal surgery, eye reshaping surgery, teeth whitening, fake tanning, nail extensions, and veneers.

Quentin and Anastasia are willing to do anything to become the real-life Ken and Barbie.

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Big Guy Gets Knocked Down During Professional Slap Fight Match

The rules of the game are pretty simple – the last standing slapper wins!

We here at EliteReaders love featuring the most absurd sports out there. In the past, we blogged about suicide cycling, a yearly event that takes place in the streets of Chile which, as the name dictates, is truly not for the faint of heart.

Now allow us to share with you about this less fatal but equally entertaining and guaranteed bizarre sport – professional slap fighting.

In this game, two guys stand across each other on opposite sides of the table and the rules are pretty straightforward – they exchange slaps with their opponent until one gives up or, in this case, gets knocked down.

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The Name Of The Game Is Suicide Cycling – And That’s Exactly What It Is!

What’s more surprising? This race happens every year in Chile!

This is the kind of extreme sport that will have you at the very edge of your seat. Sure, all extreme sports are really exciting to watch but among the recent ones I’ve watched, this is perhaps the most death-defying.

Besides, this one is called suicide cycling.

This sport is as crazy as it is ridiculous. As you will notice on the video’s title, this took place in the streets of Chile. The cyclist had a GoPro installed on his helmet and so we get to witness every twist and turn of the ride, including overcoming various obstacles and jumping on several ramps. It’s kinda scary to watch really!

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