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Pranksters Ask Girls To Ride A Pleasure Machine In Public For Charity, Hilarity Ensues





The three pranksters behind the Youtube channel called “Simple Pickup” roamed the beach and asked women if they’d ride a pleasure machine right there in public. On normal circumstances, most women would turn down the idea and would probably slap you in the face. But the pranksters came up with a smart idea. Would you ride the machine for a good cause?

The good cause is to help bring awareness and money to help facilitate the end of the horrible practice of female circumcision. And the pleasure machine is the famed Sybian, which apparently works pretty well.

The challenge is like riding a mechanical bull with a fun twist.

Source: k99

The challenge is similar to riding a mechanical bull in a roadhouse bar, the girls attempt to remain on the vibrating machine for as long as they can. Here’s the catch, for each second they remain on the quivering device, $5 goes to the anti-female-circumcision charity Orchid Project who fights against female genital mutilation — a barbaric practice still common in many parts of the world.

It’s a perfect recipe for both charitable donation and public titillation. I’m guessing you’re probably more interested in the second part, but to donate to Orchid Project yourself, just check out their website here. And you can watch the video below. But we warn you, it’s a worthy cause and damn it’s so hot.

Watch the video:

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In another video, they asked girls to sing Silent Night on a Sybian

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