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Pranksters Ask Girls To Ride A Pleasure Machine In Public For Charity, Hilarity Ensues

Watch women ride a Sybian in public… for charity.


The three pranksters behind the Youtube channel called “Simple Pickup” roamed the beach and asked women if they’d ride a pleasure machine right there in public. On normal circumstances, most women would turn down the idea and would probably slap you in the face. But the pranksters came up with a smart idea. Would you ride the machine for a good cause?

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The good cause is to help bring awareness and money to help facilitate the end of the horrible practice of female circumcision. And the pleasure machine is the famed Sybian, which apparently works pretty well.

The challenge is like riding a mechanical bull with a fun twist.

Source: k99

The challenge is similar to riding a mechanical bull in a roadhouse bar, the girls attempt to remain on the vibrating machine for as long as they can. Here’s the catch, for each second they remain on the quivering device, $5 goes to the anti-female-circumcision charity Orchid Project who fights against female genital mutilation — a barbaric practice still common in many parts of the world.

It’s a perfect recipe for both charitable donation and public titillation. I’m guessing you’re probably more interested in the second part, but to donate to Orchid Project yourself, just check out their website here. And you can watch the video below. But we warn you, it’s a worthy cause and damn it’s so hot.

Watch the video:

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In another video, they asked girls to sing Silent Night on a Sybian

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‘Homeless Guy’ Went Back Driving a Ferrari After Restaurant Staff Refused to Let Him In.

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Recently, one of his pranks aroused debates among netizens. Josh wanted to prove that people are so quick to judge others based on how they look. This point has been proven and discussed since time immemorial, and all of us have been found guilty one way or another. Let's admit that at some point and degree, some of us have judged and laughed at other people’s appearances.

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So he cast the first prank, in which he pretended to have killed her dog. She didn’t take this lightly so she pulled a prank of her own to get back at him. She pretends to have a birthday surprise for him, puts him in blindfolds and leads him out of the bathroom. She gets him naked and makes him sit on the chair. Now the poor guy doesn’t know that she placed a couple of waxing strips on the chair. The unsuspecting dude sits on the chair and… oh man.

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This Guy Hilariously Pranks Online Scammers That Prey On Older People.

What are you waiting for? Have your computers fixed via remote access for a bargain price of 399$!

Technology has developed fast enough, and several gadgets and software have become available for those tech-savvy users. But the thing is, these developments came so fast that most of our dear senior citizens just couldn't keep up. Hey, don't get me wrong, that's okay. I actually haven't totally figured out how to use my smartphone, and I'm sure some fifth-grade kid out there is more tech-savvy than me.

You see, the problem here is not the senior citizens' lack of proficiency with computers. It really isn't a big deal if you receive garbled email messages from Granny or if you wait an hour for chat replies from gramps because he has to look for each letter in the keyboard each time he types. The problem here is that some wackos use this weakness to scam our dear grandmas and grandpas. You won't imagine how easy it is for these lowly scammers to make them believe that you were mugged in Nigeria and have no means of going back home.

In some cases, these scammers make 'technologically-slow' people believe that there's a huge error in their computer, when, in fact, the only error is the misspelled name of the website. Jack Vale decided to see what these scums are up to so he tried calling the hotline that appeared on the website. What happened?

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