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Prankster Almost Got Killed After Fooling Bank Security Guards!





While most of us enjoy a good comedy, admit it or not, some reality television series, especially prank stories, may go way out of the line, even at the expense of one’s life.

As seen in the video, the prankster is dressed as a beggar—typical raggedly-dressed and overly-greased adult who decided to pay a bank a little visit. Upon roaming, he encountered the security guards who are obviously uncomfortable having him around. Moments later, the simple “hangout” turned into a minor “pajama party” as he abruptly lied down and blocked the entrance of the bank.

Upholding their security duties and obligations, the guards warned him to wander someplace else of which the beggar obviously disagreed with. As he continued his “theatrical play”, one of the guards pretended to shoot him if he continued to neglect their warning. From there, the beggar did the unexpected and “beeped” the alarm of his own luxurious convertible!!! Next thing you know, he was riding his hot ride!

Watch the video:

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Much as the natural reactions from the viewers were commonly a bragging “in-your-face”, this prank also garnered a few haters for the almost violent reaction from the guards.

Thanks to the so called “patience is a virtue”, these guards did their duty without having to cost a prankster’s life! Haha!

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