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Potterheads, Cast Magic Spells Using Google and Your Smartphone!

For a limited time, Harry Potter fans can cast magic spells using their Android smartphones. Check this out!


For true blooded Potterheads, being able to cast spells is one of our greatest fantasies. Imagine saying “Lumos” and having your path lighted instantly on a dark gloomy night. Or how about muttering “Silencio” to go on stealth mode. You know, because we solemnly swear that we are up to no good. Wink, wink!

Well, for a limited time you can do just that with your Android smartphone.

Google and Warner Bros, the film outfit releasing the upcoming movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, put out delightful treats for Potterheads everywhere and the first one is being able to cast spells using our phones!

#1. Cast three special spells using your phone

See the magic for yourself by casting a spell!

Using your Android phone, just use Google Voice by activating it with “OK Google”. Speak “Lumos” and see your backlight or flashlight turn on. Turn it off using the counter spell “Nox”. And to put your phone on silent mode, just give it a quick “Silencio”.

Nifty right? I tried it and it really works!

The spells may be available until the movie is released this November. So what are you waiting for, fellow Potterheads? Try the spells now.

#2. Explore the city of New York in the year 1926 with Google Maps

Feel like being on an adventure yourself with the street view map!
Another awesome treat is this one. It may not be like the Marauder’s Map but getting to see the street view of magical New York City in 1926 is quite something!

Travel back once upon a magical time in New York through your smartphone. Just command or type ‘Fantastic Beasts New York’ in Google Maps and it will show the landmarks you can see.

And the last, but certainly not the least, will make us go total geek mode on.

#3. Play alongside Newt Scamander, cast spells and study Fantastic Beasts with Daydream View

Google is launching its own Virtual Reality headset and controller soon. This will enable you to visualize the setting of Fantastic Beasts in 3D scene and truly feel like a wizard. To know more about it, read here. And well surely, that is just the tip of the iceberg. More awesome adventure awaits for sure!

All I know is I can’t wait to see the Fantastic Beasts movie. Time to don on my Ravenclaw robes and my wand and set out in the theaters when it releases. See you fellow Potterheads! Share this awesomely magical article to fellow wizards and witches too 😉

Source: Google Blog


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